View Full Version : Swedish Gasshuku Bromma 2002

Robert Liljeblad
15th March 2002, 06:57

The Swedish Shorinji Kempo Federation will together with Bromma Shibu arrange a International Gasshuku on the 20-21 April in Stockholm, Sweden.

Instructors will be:

Tameo Mizuno - Sensei, Seihanshi 7th Dan.

Anders Pettersson - Sensei, Seikenshi 5th Dan.

See invitations at links below www.shorinji-kempo.org

Invitation (http://www.shorinji-kempo.org/calendar/swedish_gasshuku_bromma_2002.pdf)

Application (http://www.shorinji-kempo.org/calendar/application_forms_swedish_gasshuku_bromma_2002.doc)


Anders Pettersson
5th July 2002, 18:21

There is a short report (available both in Swedish and English) on this gasshuku on the Swedish Federation homepage: www.shorinji-kempo.org you find it under 'Articles' in the menu to the right, or you can use this direct link (http://www.shorinji-kempo.org/articles/reports/national_gasshuku_bromma-2002_e.html) (the English version).