View Full Version : Random Acupoint #1 "Spleen6"

John Lindsey
18th March 2002, 03:15
Nice! Did you do that?

Jerry Johnson
18th March 2002, 05:55
Very informative gif. Not that I know anything about it's subject. :) Good idea!

25th March 2002, 04:28

Check this out !!

Tim Oldham:eek:

25th March 2002, 05:13
I mean no disrespect in this post, I am merely posting a few concerns about this topic.
Firstly the anatomical location you have given for SP 6 needs further clarifycation.
SP 6 is located 3 tsun or cun above the medial malleolus but which part?

The actual point of measurement is the medial extremity of the medial mallelous. If a person was to measure from either the supreior or inferior border of the medial malleolus then they would be a tsun either side of the point, which, incidently lies just posterior to the medial/posterior border of the tibia.
Some texts do measure the point from the inferior border of the malleolus but they indicate 4 tsun superior to the inferior border of the medial malleolus.

I also must inquire as to the reasoning behind posting such information regarding Acupoints? Is it for acupresure massage?, if so what are the effects of stimulation on this point? is it for improving Atemiwaza? if so again what nerves will this affect and what will the result be?
There is not enough information for anyone to use them therapeutically nor is there sufficient description of the ways to utilise these points. Granted this point isn't particularly dangerous but I believe posting such information in such a forum, without further information provided could indeed prove dangerous.

Respectfully yours
Dale Elsdon