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Jerry Johnson
18th March 2002, 05:48
I notice it the other day when I voted on a members karma it gave him more votes then just the one I intended. His karma when way down. It was low already, but is this an intended feature? If this is what I think it is, an error, can the karma points be restored ( out of fairness) ? It was Jim Kass who got the multi votes which I only intended to vote once on several posts.

Cady Goldfield
18th March 2002, 16:16
I have a different problem -- I can't vote at all. The voting box comes up, and I can check the box and type in a comment, but when I send it, nothing happens. The box goes blank and sits there until I close it. And, the "karma vote" doesn't go through.

John Lindsey
18th March 2002, 17:44
Jerry, I caught what happened with you and Kass. I fixed it for him.

Cady, not sure what is wrong with your browser. I will upload a new udgrade tonight and see if it helps.

Cady Goldfield
18th March 2002, 17:59
Thanks, John. I appreciate the attempt. I use Netscape and wonder if anyone else using it is experiencing the same problem. It's no fun sitting on the karmic sidelines. ;)

Jerry Johnson
20th March 2002, 03:18
Call it Karma Konsciousness or just my upbring, either way, it was just something I couldn't let go uncorrected.

Thanks John


John Lindsey
20th March 2002, 03:24

You use netscape? I heard there were a few left in the world he did. :). I have sold my soul to microsoft...

20th March 2002, 05:57
You don't have a soul, John. You're the moderator of e-budo, thereby proving that you are the devil. :D

14th April 2002, 14:02
Is there a way to see who has voted on your posts in a single list - such as the "user cp" area? Also, there are many times where someone votes but does not comment. Is there a way to see "agree" versus "disagree"?


Nicolas Caron
14th April 2002, 14:33
Cady I had the same problem (I'm using the Opera browser) and I realised that it was becasue I had checked the setting to disable pop up windows (duh!).

Don't know if this will help you but anyway... thought I'd share my stupid mistake with you :)

Also, I received those kind of multiple positive votes at one piont too. Dunno if you want to lower my karma for it, if so feel free to do it.