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19th March 2002, 19:46
Hiya, all.

I'm a new member. I just moved to NY State (Rochester Area). I am looking for a new place to train. I located a Shotokan school here. I was wondering if there is any Shotokan peoples here? Feel free to post or email me about Shotokan.:wave:

Margaret Lo
20th March 2002, 16:21
But we'll only talk to you if you start washing your belt.



20th March 2002, 16:28
lol. Funny. :laugh:

Margaret Lo
20th March 2002, 16:30
Where in Rochester do you train? University of Rochester has an ISKF club I think.


20th March 2002, 16:50
No. I will be training at Impire Martial Arts (Shotokan & Jujitsu). I stopped by there last night. I'm going to sign up by the end of the week, and prolly start next week (Tuesday). Finally, I found a dojo. Sheesh, it took me long enough lol (I'm picky lol).

20th March 2002, 16:53
Sorry. I didn't tell ya the town.

That would be in Webster, NY

Kevin Meisner
22nd March 2002, 09:53
Greetings. Taking your time in selecting a dojo is a great idea. I think Mori Sensei has been the number 1 Shotokan teacher in New York for many years, he is located in New York City, and may have a branch school in your area. You may also find some Shintani Wado Kai if you are in Rochester, I would check them out as well.

Kevin Meisner

Margaret Lo
22nd March 2002, 13:05
Hello Kevin
Mr. Mori has instructors in the Adirodacks and Albany but not Rochester. Its ISKF that has a club at the U of R.


22nd March 2002, 14:05
Thanks Kevin.

Thanks for the info. I found a dojo in Webster NY. You know of Goodrich Sensei? I don't know what club he belongs to yet, but I'll find that out Tuesday. But his dojo is called Empire Martial Arts, and he also teaches Jujitsu.

23rd March 2002, 09:16
I got an itch to look up this school as George Parulski is located in Webster, NY, but it seems the karate (Shotokan) page is empty (under construction)

Here is the web site:


The teachers don't seem to be in the business of high rank, as the two teachers there are 2-dan in various styles.

Hope it works out for you.


23rd March 2002, 17:37
Hiya, Mark.

Yep, that's the one. I talked to Mr. Goodrich about the site, and he said it is two years old. He started it but never finished it. He has plains to update it (I hope). If not, I'll bug him about it hehehehe

9th August 2002, 06:33
Hi KarateKid1975,

I know this school you are speaking of and knew the founder of Empire MA. I can't vouch for who's running it now, but if I remember right the guy who started the school was Joe LaPlaca. He left George R. Parulski's dojo "Yama-Ji", stating he didn't like the kids training with the adults. The sad fact was the kids used to beat Joe at sparring all the time & he'd get very upset. Less than two years later leaving George's school as a blue belt he was claiming a Yondan from JKA (I think, it's been a while). I'm not positive who owns the school anymore & it may have changed hands for all I know. If you have any questions I would be happy to tell you what I know.

& for the record, I no longer associate with Parulski for his shannanigans.

-Bill Hughes