View Full Version : Is anyone going to see Blade 2

22nd March 2002, 16:33
Ok, this forum is dead so heres the other questions?
What are you expecting? (well except for all the visual and gory stuff)
Do you expect it to be similar to Blade part one in terms of plot (not much there!) and action (lots of blood!)?
And hopefully a question that can spark a discussion, How do you think this movie will affect the public's perception of martial arts?
or this is just some movie to watch over a few beers with friends, when in the mood for some butt kicking action?

lidia chachanashvili

Robert Krone
22nd March 2002, 17:17
I'm probably going to see it 'cuz I liked the first one. As for how it will shape perceptions of the martial arts, I don't think it will make an impact. Its being promoted as a vampire horror/action movie. Of course its going to have chop-sokey action, because chop sokey action looks better than the William Shatner "Captain Kirk" style of fighting!

Ron Rompen
29th March 2002, 15:41
I watched it Wednesday (in Florence Ky) and wasn't that impressed. Some of the action was just too fast to really follow, and I love watching flash:)

Interesting plotline though, if you're into vampire movies. I won't spoil it by revealing the details.

All in all, worth renting on video, not so hot on the big screen at 3-4 times the price.

30th March 2002, 04:14
Loved it.....

cool effects, worth the big screen price.... too much WWF though for my taste, but some cool animation

Cory Leistikow