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Paul Mathews
25th March 2002, 21:02
Although I am not a Genbukan/KJJR member, as a result of a seminar with John Lindsey last year I have developed interest in both Asayama Ichiden Ryu and Kukishin Ryu. Buyubooks, www.buyubooks.com (http://www.buyubooks.com), has a book on Kukishin Ryu Bujutsu, it is a translation of a book written by Kiba Koshiro, a student of Takamatsu Sensei.

Is anyone familiar with this book? Would you recommend it as reliable source of information on Kukishin Ryu?

Thanks in advance for any and all replies.

John Lindsey
25th March 2002, 22:25
First of all, buyu books should be congratulated for undertaking this translation. The original book is very hard to come by. The book is important from a historical standpoint in documenting this version of Kukishin-ryu bojutsu. But, the differences between it and the Genbukan are apparent. But, a Genbukan student will still be able to recognize the hanbo kata and the bojutsu Kuji no Kata names. For Bujinkan and Jinenkan the difference is greater since as far as I know, neither teach these forms.

Can you learn techniques from it? Not very likely. Should you buy it? Heck yes, and the price is right.

Paul Mathews
26th March 2002, 02:32
Originally posted by John Lindsey
Can you learn techniques from it? Not very likely. Should you buy it? Heck yes, and the price is right.

For the record, I'm not looking to learn technique from these books. I passed on purchasing the reprint of the Asayama Ichiden Densho despite the number of illustrations because it was in Japanese.

Thanks, John, for the input on how the traditions in this book might relate to the Genbukan, the Bujinkan, and the Jinenkan. Now that Buyu Books now accepts paypal I'll probably order soon.

Kevin Geaslin
26th March 2002, 04:56
Thanks for the link to that page, Paul. I had never heard of them before, they've got some really great stuff. I hope somebody translates the Asayama Ichiden Densho they are selling.

Paul Mathews
26th March 2002, 13:18
You are more than welcome. Somebody else posted that link late last year and I have been intrigued by their offerings since then. Perhaps if they consider their efforts with the translation of the Kukishin Ryu book to be successful they will offer other translations in the future.:)

Just so no one gets the wrong idea, I'm not a student of John Lindsey, nor even a member of the Genbukan or KJJR. I have toyed with the idea of trying to join the KJJR and if I did I would certainly be honored to have John as my sensei. I was impressed by the breadth of his knowledge and his ability when I met him. He also has the ability to be irreverant and sarcastic without being offensive.:toast:

26th March 2002, 14:52
Hi all,
I managed to get a copy of the Kukishin Ryu book and have found it to be a great addition to my 'library' of various books on Ryuha and their techniques..
There are quite a few techniques that are similar to those that I have learnt in the Genbukan and others similar to some of the waza in "Stickfighing" by Quintin Chambers and Masaaki Hatsumi..The book cannot be used to learn from per se but is of interest in the way that it provides another source of information on a school with associations to the Genbukan.
The "Kuji no Kata" in particular are good and 'new' forms that can be followed and practised on your own and the book has the Kamae that we use in the Genbukan also..
A chapter list is as follows;
1; Kukishin Ryu Bojutsu no Kigen (Origin of Kukishin Ryu)
2; Reigi, Saho, Maai (Courtesy, manners, distancing)
3; Shisei, Migamae (Postures, standing ready) which has Hira Ichimonji, Yoko Ichimonji, Tenchijin, Tenchi, Gedan and Chudan no Kamae, also "Kihon Gata" Ukemi, Men Uchi, Kote Uchi, Do Uchi, Sune Uchi, Yokomen Uchi, Tsuki and Hane Age, and the Kuji no Kata, Dai Ippo, Dai Niho etc..Up to Dai Kyuho.
4; Hanbo (Jojutsu) with descriptions of; Tsuke Iri, Kasumi Uchi, Koshi Ori, Ate Komi, Ate Gaeshi, Kote Gaeshi, Katate Dori, Ryote Dori, Maki Hazushi, Ryote Karame, Katate Karame, Kata Mune Dori, Eri Dori, Juji Dori, Ashikake Daoshi, Ushiro Dori, Karame Uchi, Ke Age, Gorin Kudaki, Tsukikomi Otoshi, Uke Nagashi, Kiri Oroshi, Mawari Dori, Shiraha Dori, and Karame Dori.
Lastly Chapter 5; Rokushakubo, Tachiai (Staff and sword) with descriptions of; Sashiai, Tsuru no Hitoashi, Funa Bari, Suso Otoshi, Ippon Sugi, Kage no Ippon, Taki Otoshi, Koku, Kasa no Uchi, Tachi Otoshi, Harai, Kote Tsuki, Mukai Zume, Ke Age, Uchi Dome, Tsuke Iri, Gorin Kudaki, Tenchijin, Mae Hiroshi, Ryo Kote, Ura Nami, Karada Ate, Suso Barai, and Sayu.
All the above waza have the original photographs from the first edition and although rather 'unclear' due to the camera they do give a good idea of the techniques..
I also managed to obtain the Ueno Sensei Memorial book and that was also translated by the Buyu books team (Buyu shoseki shuppan) and was also a great one to get.
I have to say that Buyubooks is certainly one of the best sellers of Budo related books on the internet. (Along with www.sasugabooks.com and Peter Boylans excellent 'Mugendo' site at www.budogu.com ).
Well worth the money and time. Its what my credit card was made for...:nono:

12th April 2002, 00:33

I just got my copy today and have to say that I'm very impressed. I'm really taken by the photographs of key people in the front of the book. I have a very limited context for Japanese history. Could someone offer a translation of "Kodo Senyokai"?

The photographs are of "Honored Advisors of Kodo Senyokai" and "Honored Support Members of Kodo Senyokai."

gregg eller

Jeffery Brian Hodges
12th April 2002, 06:33
I can't wait. I have mine on order. Does anyone know how this book differs from Kukishinden Zensho?

Brian Hodges
Tatsumaki Dojo-Cho