View Full Version : Recipe: Matcha Mirukusheiku

J. A. Crippen
25th March 2002, 23:44
Ingredients (no exact measurements):

vanilla ice cream of good quality, preferably with bits of vanilla bean
cow or soy milk
two ice cubes (optional)
matcha, powdered green tea
umeboshi (optional)

Put the milk into the blender. While blending on low power pour in matcha. Stop the blender and add ice cream and ice cubes, then blend until thoroughly mixed. Add more ice cream for a thicker shake.

Pour into large clear glasses with a dollop of whipped cream on top and a pinch of matcha sprinkled over it. You can stick an umeboshi on top, but only for the culinarily brave or for those who like umeboshi. Wash the umeboshi thoroughly before using it to avoid getting the pickling brine in the shake. Don't use maraschino cherries however because they are too strong and distract from the flavor of the shake.

This is a good substitute for when you can't find any green tea ice cream but can find matcha. It's also a good introduction to the wonderful flavor for those who haven't tried green tea ice cream before. It doesn't take much matcha, as the powder goes a lot further than you'd think.

I'd like to try making a matcha malt but I can't seem to find any malt powder in my town. It seems to me that the flavors would go well together.