View Full Version : Nuboko (short spear)

28th March 2002, 06:25
Does anybody have some information on and maybe even a picture of a small spear called Nuboko (maybe Naboko)? Morihei Ueshiba O'sensei is said to have used this weapon for training. It should be about the same length as a jo. Maybe this is the same weapon the goddess Izanami is holding in the Japanese creational myths?

Thank you!

J. A. Crippen
28th March 2002, 20:32
As far as the spear that Izanami wields, I've heard that the version including this 'spear' is a sanitized version of the original myth, which is that it was Izanagi's membrum virile.

Now I grant that this is hearsay, but Izanagi being involved in such a way seems to me to be more in line with your typical human creation myths from an anthropological perspective.

I suppose one would need to sincerely ask a Shinto priest for more details. They'd be likely to have some kind of answer.