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Robert Liljeblad
29th March 2002, 13:08

Does anyone know where I can find a good english translation of the Dhammapada? Or more information of this text form early Buddhism?

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garren osborne
31st March 2002, 23:41
hi robert the best translation of the dhammapada and the bhagavad gita and the upanishads ive found is the stanndard peguin classics. translated by juan mascaro, who recived 'self realisation' from a great maha yogi(shri mataji nirmala devi)so he manges i feel to get the spirit of the texts as well as the the direct simple format of the words. check this site out for a realy good source of multi religious texts and teachings. hopes this helps garren osborne

Hans Bachmann
12th April 2002, 14:32
Look here:


Hans Bachmann

Robert Liljeblad
22nd April 2002, 07:29

Thanks for the information! Think that I have found what I was looking for.