View Full Version : What? No out cry......

4th April 2002, 01:30
Originally posted by Robert Rousselot
I wonder why there hasn't been a huge out cry over this rapist

You're being rhetorical - right? :smash:

Joseph Svinth
4th April 2002, 10:14
Probably the same reason nobody demands that the governor of Okinawa publicly apologize every time some local government official screws over a US or JSDF soldier.

Still, you have to give the Okinawans credit -- when the Emperor shows up, they not only boo him, they also refuse to salute his flag.

Steven Malanosk
4th April 2002, 13:16
That is something that I never realized.

If interbreeding, has been a prerequisite for royalty, than I suppose the next emperor, could very well come from right here in North Fort Myers. :p

John Lindsey
4th April 2002, 14:43