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10th April 2002, 19:33
OK, it's really 'trouble searching'...

I have tried a couple of times recently to search for threads that I know are there, but the search engine returns no hits. Is it just me, or does the search engine leave something to be desired ?

For example, I was reading an excellent thread on Herrigel and his book 'Zen in the Art of Archery'. When I wanted to come back and finish reading it, I searched on zen AND archery, and failed to find this thread (which was later pm'd to me, saving my sanity by an RCH)
http://www.e-budo.com/vbulletin/sho...6&threadid=5556 (I still can't get the search engine to show me that in any results list, and I have tried many variations on words in the thread title)

Earlier today, I saw a thread titled something to the effect of 'Guided Meditation CDs', and now I can no longer find such a thread... Are there 2 e-budo's, and I'm just searching in the wrong one ?!

Help, please !:cry:

11th April 2002, 08:41
Sometimes you just have to do a less specific search. This is the page of links I got when entering only zen art archery.


You did the right thing in asking when you can't find what you want. If you make a valid attempt with no result someone out there is bound to know.

If you know which forum, you can do a single forum search by going to that forum. At the bottom of the forum page (list of threads), you will find a "search box" in which you can enter your search words.

Generally, unless I am sure about it, I will use search words with a space[es] only, and not NOT or AND, etc. Spaces may give you more threads to thrash through, but it also gets a lot more on the same, basic subject.

A reminder: E-budo.com has been around since at least summer of 1999 (that's when I signed on) but there was a hard drive crash in late Spring of 2000. There, apparently, was no back up made, and a hard drive search turned up nothing, according to the administrator, John Lindsey. Lots of great stuff were lost.

Hope this helps some in your searches in the future.

11th April 2002, 14:28
I don't see the thread I was looking for in your results list, which is very similar to what I had come up with. I somehow messed up the link that has the actual thread I was looking for in my earlier post. It's http://www.e-budo.com/vbulletin/showthread.php?threadid=5556

It is a valid thread, and it's most definitely post crash... Yet no search string I conceived found it.


Just makes me wonder how much great stuff I am missing when I search e-budo !

Thanks !