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Shoot n Tap
17th April 2002, 15:42
I've never come across this topic before. I encountered someone who claimed that fasting was very healthy and should be done by everyone capable to do so. She went on about how much energy she had and how good she felt, etc etc. She went on to claim how fasting helps lose weight, elimnate toxins and helps even cancers!

I smiled and nodded of course while wondering how starveing your body was something that was desireable. Also, people will quote just about any insane fact off the top of their heads if they feel it will help their cuase. So later I hit the net and decided to investigate.... Heres what I found.

Lost the URL but managed to save to the URL to it's pop-up ad :redhot:





It's not exactly college level research but it's the best I could jimmy rig togther this morning. What I gathered so far that fasting is only healthy for already healthy people.

Any thoughts?


Patrick Mefford :karatekid:

Joe Kras
18th April 2002, 02:12
...She went on about how much energy she had and how good she felt, etc etc. She went on to claim how fasting helps lose weight, elimnate toxins and helps even cancers![/B]

I generally agree with the points made in the "WebMD" article.

1) The euphoric effects come because you're starve and start hallucinating.

2) Any weight loss is quickly regained once you start eating again(this is true with any quick weight loss diet).

3) No one has shown that fat soluble toxins are eliminated any better through fasting than through normal weight loss methods.

4) As stated in the article, only chronic "under nutrition", and not fasting, has been shown to reduce the incidence of cancers.

Joe Kras (MD)
St. Louis, MO USA

Shitoryu Dude
26th April 2002, 21:42
I've only known a very few people who really got into fasting. None of them topped my list of having much common sense and also got into all sorts of crap like crystals and "new age mysticism". These people usually are vegetarians and have poor knowledge of basic nutrition and the benefits of proper exercise.

The one that is perhaps the most extreme in her practices was also the most unhealthy and had finally given up on quack "doctors" and gone to see more mainstream medical professionals. The result? She was told to start eating meat again (no more protein drinks as a substitute), increase her daily caloric intake, get better exercise, take her multi-vitamins and lay off the bizzare supplements she was getting via mail order, and finally - quit drinking so damn much water (worked out to be about 4 or 5 times what is recommended). Six months later she is much more vigorous and healthy. She also quit fasting 1 week out 8.


27th April 2002, 08:53
I generally don't believe in "fasting"... that is, not eating at all.

I eat regular meals (2 a day, and a snack), and I feel great too! :D

What I DO try to do is limit my intake of food. I can easily let myself get carried away and eat tons. I eat to satisfy, not to fill. It has taken some time rather than the old "scarf it down" method, but I feel a lot healthier.

28th April 2002, 00:31
I've done the fasting thing before to loose weight. Not a good idea. I gained EVERY pound back plus more when I went to go eat. I eat 1 big meal a day, and have 2 slim fast a day. Some days I eat 2 meals and 1 slim fast. I am sure it works for some people to just fast.