View Full Version : 4 Killed, 11 Wounded in Biker Shootout in Nevada

Kit LeBlanc
27th April 2002, 14:53
It's War!


Kit LeBlanc
28th April 2002, 01:40
Reports are now 3 killed, not 4. I guess they locked down the whole town while SWAT units cleared the hotel/casino where it happened.

Joseph Svinth
28th April 2002, 03:30
Hopefully there won't be equal amounts of violence at the Aiki Fest, when the Roppokai meets the Ki Society.

28th April 2002, 06:38
Id pay extra for that. :toast:

Todd Prosser
28th April 2002, 06:54
Play nice Doug! :nono:

Man would I love to be a officer in LVPD right now...:smash: