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Azamat Oulbachev
4th August 2000, 07:41
Hi all!

what are you feeling before, during and after the practising Budo?

best regards, Azamat

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4th August 2000, 14:57
Nice question,

for me it varies as to whether I am teaching or training, and also generally who the instructor is.

Overall though.

Before - Nerves (even after 11 years training !), anticipation, excitement

During - Concentration, excillaration, fear, frustration, humor, love / hate, despair, hope, envy. (and on about 3 occasions - nothing, Mushin)

After - As above plus satisfaction / disatisfaction

Just my feelings !

6th August 2000, 07:04
Great question

Before- nerves at first...excitement...then calm(at least I try)...I sit in seiza and meditate for a short time to really relax...

During- concentration...concentration...try to maintain zanshin (sometimes it's a losing battle)...sometimes incredible energy...sometimes total exhaustion...clear mind...clouded mind...it runs the gamut....

After- Sometimes I am very excited when that little light goes off afterwards. It is the best feeling to really feel as though you were "in that zone"...and it is just as disappointing to feel off kilter. No matter what, I always, always, always feel like I have learned something.


Goon Jhuen Weng
6th August 2000, 14:31
Interesting question! I get this thrill in my guts every time I put my gi and hakama on just before Kendo and/or Iaido practise. Its the anticipation of the motions and actions that come wiht the pracise I suppose. During the training, I'm totally focused on the situation at hand and I feel a sense of total concentration throughout the training (of course, unwanted thoughts creep in at times but I learn to ignore them). After the training, I feel pretty darn tired though. It takes a lot of my physical and mental energy but even then, I get a sense of satisfaction that I have learnt something new at the end of the session.