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14th May 2002, 10:03

I finally got my Shodan rank in Yamanni-Chinen Ryu last friday night. Sensei Kiyoshi Nishime tested me and my brothers Ryan and John. We're not really into rank or anything but I have to admit that it felt pretty darn good to have a Sensei you really respect hand over a certificate with your name on it!

Paul Adamson

John Bowden
14th May 2002, 13:24

Good job.


Rob Alvelais
14th May 2002, 15:32

Welcome to the family!


15th May 2002, 16:51
Thanks guys,

It's been a long, hard road and it's just getting started! I think we started training with Nishime Sensei in about 1989 so it's been a long, hard road. We have also trained with Oshiro Sensei. The only thing I know is that we still are way far away from real skill.

Skill is funny. It's like a five-year old taking up the pencil. It takes a while for the mind-body connections to develop in order for him to be able to "think" a word onto the page. And that's only using the hand and the mind. Think about using the ENTIRE body in the same way. Yamanni-Chinen Ryu is the same as any other martial art in that it takes time and effort to develop. Frustrations arise and self-doubt arise but with patience and, above all, perserverance... you slowly reach your goals.

I have tons of stories but, If I may... I remember a summer camp we once held with Nishime Sensei as the guest instructor. I, along with several other younger martial artists, decided that one night we were going to go into "town". We headed off at about 10:00pm and we noticed that Sensei was practicing his bo in a field as we left. We returned at about 2:30am and Sensei was still practicing when we returned. Obviously, we felt ashamed at his dedication and also inspired. Real martial arts require real dedication and if I have learned anything from either of these two men it has been exactly that. They both are a very good model to follow.

Paul Adamson

Hank Irwin
20th May 2002, 14:53
Congrats AdamsonSan, the door has been opened. By the way, we only sleep when we die. Life being very short is something the old Masters knew.:D