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joe yang
14th May 2002, 16:09
Started biking to work again. The weather's right. Just bought a new and improved (used) road beater. 8 miles, one way, after dark, through town, into the woods, along creek beds. Opposum, deer, racoons, SKUNK, cats, even a fisher. Latter this summer, lights out, glow worms!

The moon and stars. Smell of night flowers. Early morning ride home. Breath, relax, lost in cadence. Can't wait till it's warmer. Riding in the rain!

Look forward to work, get cranky when I can't ride. Thank goodness for swap meets and Sierra Trading Post. Lights, technical wear, clipless peddles, a cell phone, lifelines of the aging male athlete. Real meditation is task oriented!

22nd May 2002, 19:29
Brings back memories..I love biking..a natural way to explore the nature--with speed..

I'm truly happy for you!


22nd May 2002, 19:46
But roller blades make more fun :D

joe yang
22nd May 2002, 22:03
Eight miles? Oneway? At night, on a country road? I'd die!