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Joseph Svinth
6th August 2000, 22:32
In an earlier thread on MA research, Richard Tolson wrote:

"Occasionally there are people who are able to go beyond amateur status to building a professional reputation. They are few and far between, but do exist. However, they didn't get there by 'vanity publications', or writing for generic magazines or newspapers."

Okay, what constitutes a "vanity publication"?

Also, since some of the best articles I've ever read about Bruce Lee were in the "Seattle Times" while some of the worst in "Black Belt," isn't it possible that the way to get a professional reputation is not to write solely for specialist publications, but instead to branch into the generic magazines and newspapers?

John Lindsey
7th August 2000, 03:13
Vanity pub as I understand it is when the author pays all the fees for printing the book and thus has to do the marketing and selling too.

Richard A Tolson
7th August 2000, 04:34
Joe & John,
Gee, I'm quoted more on E-Budo, than my own Bulletin Board :).
Yes, the term "vanity publication" refers to books that are written by an individual who then hires a book printing company to print his book. A regular publishing company hires writers, or purchases the rights to publish a book from an author. Basically, it comes down to who pays who.
I do not feel there is anything wrong with "vanity publications" or self-publishing. Even a book from a major publishing company is not necessarily checked for accuracy of the subject, only readability and saleability.
All I am saying is that just because someone writes a book, or magazine articles, or appears on television don't assume they know what they are talking about. I know of a few ministers that would certainly prove my point. Why assume ma practitioners are any different?
So buyer beware. Don't believe everything you read.
Now, in response to your specific question, certainly professional experience writing for any type of publication can only help to build one's ability and credibility as one who has writing talents.

Joseph Svinth
7th August 2000, 11:33
Okay, so we are talking about the same things here. I was just checking, as I find it increasingly important to define terms, to make sure we aren't separated by a common language.