View Full Version : quality kusarifundo

29th May 2002, 19:28
All the kusarifundo I can find are the cheap Taiwanese $8 kind. These have pins in them that remind me of those in a cheap balisong. Does anyone know where I can find kusarifundo with welded chains and weights that aren't pinned?


Don Cunningham
29th May 2002, 19:34
I've seen some in stores made of turned brass and with welded links. These were apparently made in Korea, but I don't know of any sites selling them on the Internet. I used a set like these for an illustration in my book because I couldn't find an affordable antique set.

I have a pattern for casting the fundokusari weights in the same style as used in Masaki Ryu. I am looking for someone who can sandcast these in stainless steel, but all the sources so far are only interested in producing lots of 10,000 or more. There are several local metal shops, but they only cast in iron. I may have to recreate them in iron if I can't find anyone willing to do it in steel.

Nathan Scott
31st May 2002, 19:49
Mugendo Budogu has a limited amount of good reproductions of (I think) Buko ryu. I just got one and it is very good: