View Full Version : Chikubujima-ryu Bojutsu

Benjamin Peters
5th June 2002, 01:37
Does anyone know much about this system, in particular what characteristics it has. From the images provided on 'Furyu', it seems to resemble somewhat that of Kiraku Ryu Bojutsu*.

Also, anyone care to comment on the weight of a bo? Does it depend on the person or is it more the style?

*(comment made as an observation only)


The Chikubujima-ryu was featured in Furyu The Budo Journal #10. Approx. 611 K QuickTime MOV file.

The Chikubujima-ryu bojutsu may be the oldest extant martial arts of Japan, having been created in 1184 and continued in an unbroken line of masters to the present day. The ryu focuses on the use of a bo (wooden staff) against a swordsman. Supposedly, it was developed by a Nanba Heiji Mitsunori. The current master is Matsuura Yoshio Kanenobu (17th generation).