View Full Version : Admin back from Japan

John Lindsey
19th June 2002, 11:09
Just got back from spending 4 long weeks in Japan training at the Genbukan Hombu dojo. Sorry I didn't have much free time to see many of our Japanese members, but training was often 3 times a day.

I have thousands of emails to go though, so if there is an urgent problem, please resend it so I can look into it sooner.

John Lindsey
19th June 2002, 11:54
The routine was rather simple. Get up in the morning, train, go back and wash clothes, train, watch soccer, sleep. This was my 7th trip to Japan and I really wanted to focus my time and money on the training.

Budoka 34
20th June 2002, 19:10
Lucky stiff!:D

Welcome back.