View Full Version : Customizing "View New Posts"

19th June 2002, 20:05
I like the "View New Posts" function, but lately there's been so many posts that it's becoming cumbersome. Is there some way to view all of the new posts while excluding a few forums? How about excluding any posts that are polls? Either of these would make E-Budo much more convenient.

Thanks for any help,

- Mike Malkin

20th June 2002, 07:14
Have you tried "subscribing to this forum" choice? If there are forums you don't read and those are in your way, click on "Subscribe" to only those you read. You can then go into the User CP (the first button of those to the right above), then you can read only those forums to which you subscribe.

It isn't one or the other, either, you can always go to the index page or "forum jump" to get to others you read occasionally, or to a thread you follow.

It is a good idea to go into your private user panel occasionally anyway, and consider your options.

Hope this helps some.