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26th June 2002, 14:55

Akamine and Kunioshi Senseis from the Ryukyu Kobudo Hozon Shinko Kai will be in Liverpool from 4 until 17 October. Please contact either Paul Vermiglio or myself for details. I hope to see you there.


29th June 2002, 15:50
Actually any training opportunity with Akamine Dai Senesi's successor as the 3rd president of the association along with Kunioshi Sensei who is a senior instructor at the Okinawa Hombu should stand on its own. That being said I believe the beer in Liverpool is also something that stands on its own.

Please drop me or Paul a line at


Doug Daulton
17th July 2002, 03:48
Wish I could visit! I owe Paul-san an Orion or four! :) I hope all goes well.

28th October 2002, 10:11
Hi all I thought I would let you know how the training went.

We were visited by Akamine Kaicho and Kuniyoshi Sensei from the 4th until the 17th. Training focused on preparing the eight persons who would be testing for their shinsa as well as presenting eveyone with new material commensurate with their level of experience. Congratulations go out to those who pased their gradings. In Kobuod we now have 3 new association Shodans in Israel (Nitzan, Amihai, Lotar) and our first Nidan in that country (Effie). In England Paul Vermiglio Sensei received Yondan in both Karate and Kobudo and had two of his students receive Shodan in Shorinryu. I also humbly announce my own successfull grading to Yondan in Shorinryu.

I look forward to the next opportunity to return to that city on the Mersey as I have never received such hospitality in my life. Every evening one of the many members of Vermiglio Sensei's extended family and friends took turns hosting us to fantastic feasting. Had the camp been any longer I would not have been able to fit through the door of the airplane on my return.

I would like to offer my thanks to Vermiglio Sensei and his family without whom the trip would not have been possible.

Of course the final and greatest thanks go to Akamine Kaicho and Kuniyoshi Sensei for taking the time away from their families to spend it with us. Their corrections, advice, and encouragement allowed everyone to acheive progress they most likely would have deemed impossible in such a short amount of time.

I look forward to the world tournament in Okinawa next year where some of us will have the opportunity to meet again.

Yours in budo,

Tim Jurgens