View Full Version : Real life combat events.

6th July 2002, 13:18
I would like to here your views on actual conflicts that you have been involved in.

I was involved in a little ruck in a night club and I sometimes try and remember exactly what happend,but I cant. From what i've been told by friends present, I was not over the top, force wise) and disabled the guy with efficiant techniques, it was very wierd. I have good confidence in myself and until you have really put your training into practice it can be a little difficult to have faith in what you know, but have never REALLY put into practice, even more so when it comes to traditional techniques in a modern enviroment.

Let me know what you think.

6th July 2002, 13:46
You're on the wrong board... Shame I'm not a moderator and can't move it to the OT.

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