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John Lindsey
7th July 2002, 17:20
Students from Spanish Aikido Dojo wait in line to to perform their annual Bull Ukemi.

Cameron Wheeler
8th July 2002, 01:45
Where did these come from???

8th July 2002, 01:55
Cameron, it shows people running the bulls at the annual festival in Pamplona, northern Spain. For a fine description of this festival, which has been around since the 16th century, try Hemingway's "The Sun Also Rises".

Cameron Wheeler
8th July 2002, 02:01
Sorry guys the Jpeg I altered was too big so my last post doesn't make any sense.

Look at the bull in the backgroundwhat's that on his horn

John Lindsey
8th July 2002, 03:19
Looks to be a Juko-kai T-shirt I think...

Shitoryu Dude
8th July 2002, 04:11
Semi-legend has it that some 20 to 30 years ago a slightly hung over GI from Texas who used to do a bit of pro rodeo before he enlisted went to see the running of the bulls. He woke up a bit later than he had planned in direct path of the super-macho men who run from the bulls and in his adrenaline heightened state of super-awareness, realized that he had tossed bulls bigger than this before. Seizing the initiative before he could really think about it, he grabbed one of the bulls by the horns and did what a rodeo cowboy does naturally and put the thing down to the ground.

This feat instantly made our Texas hero the ultimate stud in all of Spain - he didn't run from the bulls, he kicked their ass!! This had the result of making him the simultaneous target of innumerable offers of marriage (or at least all the booty he cared to have) and an equal number of death threats (how dare that silly American show up all those macho Spaniards). Reportedly he was airlifted to Germany within a few hours before all the local men managed to kill him.

Don't know if its true or not - but it certainly makes a heck of a story.


8th July 2002, 09:02
Congratulations on another wonderfully topical thread. The TV news from last night (Sunday) was showing the latest pictures of the running of the bulls.


It seems that it was particularly dangerous this year since the cobbled streets were very slippery due to rain/dew. I noticed that the TV news particularly stated the injured included an American citizen, was that the Judo Kai guy ?

8th July 2002, 10:26
Originally posted by John Lindsey
Students from Spanish Aikido Dojo wait in line to to perform their annual Bull Ukemi.

YAMANTAKA : I'll say...Those bulls must practice Aikido! The Bull at the left is doing one of the most perfect throw I ever saw! And talk about no touch throw...The bull at the upper half has a man's JOCKS in his right horn!!!
Now, how did he got that jocks??? An advanced technique??? :D

Son of Thunder
8th July 2002, 18:34
"I got his hood! I got his hood! The world is mine!"

8th July 2002, 19:58
Being well known for dealing with a lot of 'bull', two juko-kai 'bull runners' attempt to use their Combat Ki powers on the rampaging beast.

8th July 2002, 20:06
The same bull seen later.

8th July 2002, 21:10

the first pic of the bull doesnt have only Aikidoka, that bull is taking on someone doing Caporiea :laugh:

9th July 2002, 19:07
After watching the bull toss his mentor, Master Yamamoto, Grandmaster Soke Dr. Irving Soto uses his amazing tweeta fist atemi jujitsu on the bull to neutralize him.

If that doesn't work, he will still it with a reading of his poetry...

Don Cunningham
9th July 2002, 19:16
Rich Mooney's qi gong power demonstration against a rampaging bull goes terribly, terribly wrong....