View Full Version : Judo vs Karate

10th July 2002, 04:01
Check out the link (caution: 1.2 MB):


Son of Thunder
10th July 2002, 05:32
That's always been one of my favorites.:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

10th July 2002, 15:35
It's still cute no matter how many times I see it.
I imagine the little kitty is just talking smack to the big tabby when suddenly *pounce.

Shitoryu Dude
10th July 2002, 19:00
It's always fun to watch the newbie "show off his stuff" to the black belt. :)


Cameron Wheeler
11th July 2002, 04:32

David T Anderson
23rd August 2002, 20:21
When I was first emailed this one, it came with the title "Why Sumo is better than Karate". It made me laugh and laugh....