View Full Version : Aikijujutsu in Washington DC?

11th July 2002, 05:48
Hello, does anyone know of an Aikijujutsu in the Washington, DC area?

Thanx - Carlton L. Frye, Jr.

12th July 2002, 05:46
Hello Carlton and everyone,

While I do not know of any dojo in DC, there is an Aikido school that I practice in, in Baltimore Maryland that offers instruction in main line Daito-ryu aikijujutsu. We actually have two students that come up on a regular basis (once or twice a week) from the DC area, one in Rockville MD and the other around Dulles. It is honestly worth the drive. We just moved to a new dojo and are having an open house this Saturday morning July 13th (there should be food and demos and a good time :) ). We are also holding a seminar with Kondo Katsuyuki sensei the head of the main line Daito-ryu this October. This seminar should be very special because several of us (my self and the fellow from Rockville and even a guy who comes down from New Jersey) should be testing for Shodan. For more information please check out our site: http://www.aikimartialarts.com/

For what it's worth the new dojo looks great!!! It is a private building (no attached neighbors) and there is also a little bit of flat open space to even practice outside. If you have any more questions please email me at Kendoguy9@aol.com.

The invitation to the open house is open to any and all who wish to come!!!


Amos Smith
13th July 2002, 05:15
If crossing the river proves to be a pain, as I understand it can be, you may also consider Great Falls Budokan. I've trained with most of their members and can recommend them highly. You may reach them with the help of a phone book or feel free to contact me directly.

Amos Smith
Chicago Budokai