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19th July 2002, 05:49
Konban wa,

Besides, Ninpden, Bansenshukai, and Shoninki. What other historical ninjutsu texts exist? I am just referring to specifically historical ninjutsu texts not like a book that mentions it in passing. How about re-prints?

Thanks in advance for Not listing every book I can buy at Borders. ;)

Joseph Swartz

Joseph Svinth
19th July 2002, 10:43
Presumably you already have the English-language books by Hatsumi, Hayes, and Turnbull. Consequently, your next step is to learn to read Japanese. G. Cameron Hurst, in his article on ninjutsu that appears in _Martial Arts of the World_ (ABC-CLIO, 2001), recommends the following Japanese-language texts.

_Bansen Shukai_. 1982. In _Nihon Budo Taikei_. Vol. 5. Kyoto: Dobosha. 422-535.
Fujita, Seiko. 1936. _Ninjutsu Hiroku_. Tokyo: Chiyoda Shoin.
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-----. 1959. _Ninjutsu hiden_. Tokyo: Heibonsha.
-----. 1963. _Ninjutsu: Sono rekishi to ninja_. Tokyo: Jimbutsu Oraisha.
-----. 1964. _Ninpo: Sono hiden to jitsurei_. Tokyo: Jimbutsu Oraisha.
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