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Ken Good
22nd July 2002, 15:52
The former staff members of the SureFire Institute have formed their own company and will be offering SureFire products via their webstore.

http://888lowlight.com - Select Products link.

In order to get you more familiar with our products and services, we are offering a 30-day Discount Code Offer for all E-budo forum members. We know the product line and can give informed recommendations.

Our products are already listed below retail, but with this limited offer, you can get anything in the SureFire Inventory at 25% off MSRP.

Enter: e-budoforum when prompted for a discount code.

We are also offering unique discounts to Law Enforcement and Military Members.

This offer may only be redeemed by contacting us directly by email: agency@strategosintl.com or by phone: 1-888-low-light.

Full name
Phone Number(s)
E-mail address

Look to us in the near future. We will be adding:

Crimson Trace
Eagle Industries
And other high-quality products/Videos

Ken Good
23rd July 2002, 05:30
Tough first e-day...

Just opend the doors on this thing and have been told by the powers that be that is it viollation of my agreement with SureFire LLC.

So I regretfully must withdrawl this offer. I tried.

Apologize for any confusion.