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23rd July 2002, 01:16
I am new to Birmingham, Alabama area and was looking for Aiki in this area. I have not trained in any aiki bujutsu, but have trained in Bujinkan and dabbled in Eishin ryu iaido while I was in Texas. Circumstances have now placed me here, and I am looking for Japanese budo in a decidedly Tae Kwon Do - dominated area. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Greg Jennings
24th July 2002, 21:33
Hi Shane,

There are three aikido dojo in B-ham. One Aikikai-oriented (ASU), one Yoshinkan and one Tomiki.

I know students from both the ASU and Yoshinkan dojo. They're good folks.

The Tomiki dojo is associated with a Shinkendo (Toshishiro Obata's ryu) dojo. They're not very public. I don't know them personally, but I have had good reports from sources I do know and respect.

There is a somewhat eclectic, but very good group in B-ham (actually in one of the burbs) called Akayama Ryu.

I'd feel good about recommending any of the four, depending on what your preferences are.

If you want to chat about it, please feel free to e-mail me offline at gregs_shell_account@yahoo.com . I'd feel better answering your questions there than in a public forum.

When you get settled in, please come visit our aikido dojo in Montgomery, AL about 90 miles away. http://www.capitalcityaikido.com / .

Best Regards,

Mark Barlow
25th July 2002, 17:48
Greg Faulkner is the chief instructor of the Aikido class at UAB. He is an outstanding instructor with over 30 years of experience. Van Bushnell is the Yoshinkan teacher and has a well-run dojo in the Vestavia/Hoover area. Harry Wright is a long time student of Karl Geis and teaches Tomiki Aikido in the western part of Jefferson County. Richard Worthington represents Akayama-Ryu Jujitsu and has a dojo in Trussville. Worthington Sensei also holds dan rank in Tomiki Aikido, Judo and Jikishinkage-Ryu Aikijujitsu.

Worthington Sensei and I have been training partners for almost 30 years so I can't claim to be unbiased but he is truly a gifted instructor.

I'll go along with Greg and say that I'll be glad to pass on personal views if anyone cares to email me.

Mark Barlow
25th July 2002, 20:41
Paul Couch is the regional representative for Obata Sensei's Shinkendo. He teaches at an Oyama World Karate dojo in Huffman. He is also highly ranked in Oyama World (formerly Kyokushin K.K.).

Greg Jennings
26th July 2002, 20:48
Originally posted by Greg Jennings
....I have had good reports from sources I do know and respect....

Since Barlow Sensei is the "I do know and respect" here, I'll back out and recommend that you contact him.

Still, do please stop in if you happen to be in Montgomery.


30th October 2002, 03:12
My name is Rickey Holladay. I train in Bujinkan Taijutsu with my cousin Randy Engle. Randy was looking for an Aikijujutsu school in Centre, Alabama. He has tried calling the man several times, however he hasn't not gotten a response. I was wondering if anyone could tell me where any schools or training groups for AJJ are located in NE Alabama?

Thank you and God Bless,

Rickey Holladay
Attalla, AL

Greg Jennings
30th October 2002, 03:33
Hi Rickey:

I'm in Montgomery.

While it's not AJJ (and by that I mean Daito Ryu), I believe your next best bet is the Yoseikan AikiBudo dojo in Huntsville.

It's listed in the dojo finder on http://www.aikiweb.com/ .

If you're interested in aikido at all, you might come down the seminar we're having Nov 6-8.

http://www.takemusu.org/seminar.html has all the details.


Robert Cheshire
30th October 2002, 06:51
Hudon Harris is the Instructor at the Yoseikan Dojo in Huntsville. You can follow a link directly to the school's site under the dojo's site at yoseikan.info

I have known Hudson for several years and he is a top notch instructor. He has trained under both Minoru Mochizuki and Hiroo Mochizuki (Creator/Founder of Yoseikan Budo).

Plus Hudson just had a nice dojo built next to his house.

Mark Barlow
30th October 2002, 16:52
You might also try Henry Copeland Sensei in Florence, 205 766-6939. He's a very talented aikidoka with dan rank in judo and jodo as well.

Greg Jennings
30th October 2002, 19:34
Originally posted by Mark Barlow
You might also try Henry Copeland Sensei in Florence, 205 766-6939. He's a very talented aikidoka with dan rank in judo and jodo as well.

I took the "NE Alabama" seriously.

I did some checking on http://www.mapquest.com/ for distances and driving times *assuming you're commuting from Centre, AL*. Based on that, the "closest" dojo is in Trussville and is an Akayama Ryu dojo associated with Barlow Sensei.

I've been able to train with Barlow Sensei a couple of times and recommend them highly if you're interested in real, practical jujutsu.

Best Regards,

Mark Barlow
30th October 2002, 21:52
I'd like to return the compliment. Greg Jennings and the Capital City Aikido folks go out of their way to make guests feel welcome and the training is first rate. They are hosting a seminar next week 11/08- 11/10 and I've urged my students to attend.

Mark Barlow
23rd November 2005, 21:37
I've seen listings for Gregory Clark teaching Daito Ryu here in Alabama a few times on the 'net but I haven't fun across any contact information. Does anyone know where he teaches and who he is affiliated with? I'd love to see some real Daito Ryu.

Nathan Scott
24th November 2005, 23:40
Mr. Barlow,

I've moved your post to this existing thread so as to keep things on topic.