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Robert Liljeblad
11th August 2000, 11:01
Quotations from Kaiso


Thought this would be a good subject to share and write about different quotations from Kaiso, what they mean and what we could learn from them today. So please anyone having a quotation to share?


Robert Persson

Anders Pettersson
7th November 2000, 22:43

I thought that I should bump up this topic.

I have found out, with the little Japanese that I read, that they have a daily quotation from Kaiso on the Hombu homepage. http://www.shorinjikempo.or.jp/news/index.htm

Anyway it says; ?̊Jc^ "Kyou no Kaiso goroku", which should be; Today's saying from Kaiso (or something similar).

My Japanese is not near the capability to translate it any good, but maybe some of our members that speak Japanese good can do it? (Maybe Karahashi-san?)

Tripitaka of AA
21st August 2002, 06:39
< old post resurrected >

... or perhaps if you'd like to share one of those Buddhist riddles/fables...?

I liked the one about the student who brings tea for the Master. The Master pours the tea for the student, but keeps on pouring until the cup overflows... then keeps on pouring!

The student is expected to realise that the only way to gain anything from training, is by approaching each lesson like an "empty cup". If you think you already know it, then you'll be blinded to the teaching.

There you are - short and sweet. I normally add too much detail to the story. Simplicity and economy can still create beauty, read any good Haiku recently?

Robert Liljeblad
21st August 2002, 08:24
Hi David,

I have got a really good book called Zen Flesh, Zen Bones: A Collection of Zen and Pre-Zen Writings this book contains 101 of these shorter zen stories and a lot of zen koans.

I think this book costs 7 dollars in paperback at Amazon.


23rd August 2002, 19:36
there is the voice of so doshin recorded in a french website as i mentioned earlier in a previous post


now its in japanese, if someone could translate it, it would be nice