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Fresh Kid Cee
30th July 2002, 11:58
Greetings All,

I am greatly interested in taking up Aikijujutsu and hopefully without having to travel to Japan to do so. I was wondering if anyone would be able to help me locate a authentic Aikijujutsu Dojo in Sydney Australia. Preferably a contact number, address, website or email address would really be a great help. Thanks in advance for any help.

Fresh Kid Cee

Brently Keen
30th July 2002, 16:47

I noticed that you are a new member here and that this is your first post. It is e-budo policy that you sign your full real name on all your posts.

It is said that in Japanese martial arts everything begins and ends with rei (ettiquette, courtesy and respect). As this is a forum for the discussion of Japanese martial arts and related topics, it naturally follows that if you would like some information or help in finding a dojo in your area that you should begin by appropriately introducing yourself.

If there should happen to be a qualified and authentic aikijujutsu instructor in your area, then I think good manners will be more likely to help you find an introduction. I can't help but wonder though - If you are truly "greatly interested in taking up aikijujutsu", then why would you hope and prefer not to have to travel to Japan to do so?

Brently Keen

23rd August 2002, 06:51
Dear Fresh Kid...Welcome to e-budo...I can only find one person who trains in Dai-to-ryu, in the Sydney area... His name is Andrew Dickinson, and I believe he trains at Hornsby...I called him last year, and he was very helpfull over the phone...I believe he has trained for some time with the Shinbukan, but give him a call and go and see a few classes... Ph: 96603778 or see the gym web page at www.fightclub.com.au ...
If you ever get down to Melborne, and wish to train with the Takumakai, there is also a dedicated group down there... Hope this helps... Quintin Blackwell