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12th August 2002, 10:49

I'm going back to university in about a month, and am thinking of going along to the Jui Jitsu club at the university.

I've done 5 years on-off of karate, so am not completely new to martial arts.

First of all, what can i expect Jui Jitsu to involve? Could someone please give me a short "idiots guide to jui jitsu".

Second of all, the dojo at the university has links on it's site ( http://www.ee.surrey.ac.uk/Societies/jitsu/ ) to The Jitsu Foundation ( http://www.jitsufoundation.org ). Is this a legitimate foundation, or another example of something that is more usually found in the bad/baffling budo forums?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Mike Williams
12th August 2002, 11:05
Hi Huw,

Short idiots guide (in order of emphasis taught to beginners), based on my own experience and what I have seen at other clubs:
* you'll lean to fall (breakfall)
* you'll learn throws (starting with a basic hip-throw, more throws are taught as your breakfalling improves)
* You'll learn blocks, punches and low kicks - but these will be fairly different to karate. Unless the instructor has a karate background, in which case they'll be very similar!
* You'll learn finishing holds (armlocks etc) for when you've thrown your attacker
* You'll learn stand up locks and self defense techniques
* Depending on the school/instructor, you may learn weapons and you may or may not randori, and you may or may not learn groundfighting.

I can't vouch for the Jitsu Foundation, but they have the UK university market pretty much sewn up. We have had former members come through our club, and I get the impression that we were a bit more 'full-contact', but that's probably just us :D

As with all MA a lot depends on the ability and personal preferences of the instructor. Whatever, it's a lot of fun - once you've got used to tasting tatami...

Good luck!


Budoka 34
12th August 2002, 11:16

In my experience it depends on the style of JuJitsu some what. Your Karate footwork will help, though some of the footwork will be new.
In most of the styles I've been exsposed to straight line punchs are rare. Atemi waza is the norm. You use or respond to strikes to close and throw or drop your opponent. Some styles focus on groudwork while others focus on throwing or atemi waza(vital points striking). Since you've studied Karate I think you'll find it an easy transition.

Good Luck!

p.s. You will get much better answers, we have some real talent here. :D


13th August 2002, 09:50
Thanks to you two for the prompt replies, they were very helpful.

If anyone else has any extra information or knows about The Jitsu Foundation, then please let me know.

One final question, i have seen two spellings of Jujitsu and Juijitsu. Is this just a different spelling of the same thing, or is there a difference between them?

Thanks again,

Budoka 34
13th August 2002, 10:59
I study Shinto Yoshin Ryu Jiu-Jitsu. Same art, but the system has retained the older spelling. Kind of like Goju ryu and Gojyu ryu.

Hope this helps.


13th August 2002, 11:07
Did you really mean jiu jitsu or jui jitsu. The latter is the way you wrote it and is a common typo. Jiu jitsu oftern refers to Brazilian jiu jitsu because it is copywrited by Rorion Gracie. It isn't a Japanese bugei.

Sometimes, jiu jitsu means the old way of saying judo, and sometimes it is just habit, but the correct manner of spelling it, or the accepted manner, is "jujutsu." The pronunciation of the first syllable is still as in "jiu" but few really take the time to say it that way. Another way of pronouncing judo of jujutsu is yawara, or in judo, it would be yawara no michi, but they all are written in the same Kanji as judo, the characters used to write in Chinese and Japanese. Judo was often spelled Jiudo or jyudo early on, as well.


Budoka 34
13th August 2002, 17:46
Was the above for me or Larson? :confused:
Shinto Yoshin Ryu still spells it Jiu-Jitsu.:D
I'm pretty sure it has always been that way.
I've never heard that a Gracie copywrited that spelling, :confused:
or did I misunderstand? (Happens to me alot! :D )