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14th August 2002, 21:04
Hello friends.

I got a problem. I try to answer a question: "Why have some teachers black belts where the colour comes off and you can see 'Yes, this is a teacher who teachs at least 100 years Karate (or whatever)'."

Could anyone try to explain that to me?

15th August 2002, 14:50
Some people buy into the fallacy that if your black belt is ragged, frayed, and falling apart, then you MUST be training very hard and for a long time.

My black belt is already starting to fade and fray a little bit. I can't do much about the fading, but I do take special care to prevent as much fraying as possible. I will cut loose threads, as well as re-sew some areas when needed.

Some people take the complete opposite approach and beat their belt against a tree or rock to accelerate the aging process.

I think this is what you're asking?

15th August 2002, 16:04
When I became a shodan in 1980 my pants were 31. Now 22 years later I'm a 36. Damm at least I'm not bald. Damm, well i still have some hair.
I was working out one day last year and had put on a bigger obe. Someone came up to me and said congrats on my black belt. I said thank you. No need to splain you know. 1st or 4th, new belt or old. As long as my kata is still sharp. Damm, was that a high block or a punch.:confused:

15th August 2002, 16:17

Nice posts, thank you.

The problem is as follows. If I buy shoes, t-shirts or whatsoever and they became dirt I will wash them. If the colour is off I buy new clothing. I don't go out with dirty or really old T-shirts, do u?

So, why don't masters buy a new obi if it is ragged? Is there a problem? Why they dress like "dossers"?

15th August 2002, 17:14
I see it as a couple of ways.I can still where my old belt. It looks cool and means alot to me, HELL I earned that bastard the hard way. I have another obe that has my name on it that was given to me by a very special instructor. I bought a new belt because I like it to hang lower in the front. Short knot syndrome.
Anyway our old saying was " You wash your belt,you wash your brain" :toast:

15th August 2002, 21:21
Hello Kenzo. Really wise words. I see u could be my master ;)

Hello measom-ryu. If I get a special necklace I would take this thing to a special occasion. If I get a belt of a special person I would carry this thing to special occasions or it isn't special to me. But it's your point of view. That's ok.

16th August 2002, 00:36
Some of these teachers have worn the same belt for a long long time. I don't see anything wrong with an old faded belt. Natural wear and tear can indicate an instructor that has been around for a long time.

This is why some individuals artificially fade and make small cuts in their belts. They are looking for a distinguishment that the old timers have. This I think is silly.

If the belts it in general good repair, and it isn't smelly, I don't see any reason it would need to be replaced.

For all those that artificially age their belts, GROW UP!!:D

16th August 2002, 01:29

16th August 2002, 11:46

Natural wear and tear can indicate an instructor that has been around for a long time. I think that's the problem. They wanna show everyone 'I am a big star because I have a ragged belt.' U should looks good if u train Karate. It's not really fine to come with a ragged or dirty gi, also it's not fine to come with a ragged belt.

That's my point of view.

Margaret Lo
16th August 2002, 17:39
Sometimes somebody really is a big star and has a raggedy belt to show for it. You are then well warned in dealing with this individual not to bite off more than you can chew (Masahiko Tanaka of JKA comes to mind).

Or its an old favorite, like my first belt going on 12 years old. Anyway, as long as it's a clean, non-smelly raggedy belt why should anybody else care?