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Charlie Kondek
19th August 2002, 17:20
It's from my alma matter and shows somebody giving some Chinese vistors a tour of campus.

But, come on, we can do better than that, can't we?

Son of Thunder
19th August 2002, 17:38
"Yup. This ol' sucker appeared a couple of years ago, and ever since we started touching it, we just keep getting smarter and smarter."

19th August 2002, 18:59
"And the amazing thing is, if you rub it, it *grows*!"

19th August 2002, 19:05
Originally posted by hikari
"And the amazing thing is, if you rub it, it *grows*!"

Yeah, but don't rub it too long, or.... :eek:

19th August 2002, 21:09
From left to right (person 1, 2, 3 and 4)

1: "Okay...move in closer...thats right...want you all in together"

2: thinking: WOW...that's big...best not show the wife these pictures...

3: thinking: Bah...it's not that hard...

4: "My God! There's an even bigger one over there!"

19th August 2002, 21:19
The executives enjoyed playing 'Tag' at lunch but a few of them expressed private reservations as picking "the brown thingie" as their base.

(No tags back :D )

Budoka 34
20th August 2002, 11:21
No, No really! It says right here Made in China!

Charlie Kondek
20th August 2002, 12:55
YES! Hahahahaha!

20th August 2002, 16:11
As spoken by the fellow in the center
..."Uh...Right..Um, Guys? I know that our field of study at this facility is human fertility, but I still think we should have spent more time reviewing alternate design proposals..."

20th August 2002, 16:24
"Do Americans always hold their farts as long as this fellow?"

"They must. Why else do you think their art looks like bowel movements?"

Shitoryu Dude
5th October 2002, 04:53
The little guy on the right:

"Oh, yes! Tonight I ride you! Oh, oh, oh, yeeeesssss! Must get lube from luggage."


Charlie Kondek
9th October 2002, 14:23

23rd October 2002, 08:25
White guy: Oh dude! did he just lick it?!

23rd October 2002, 08:40
"Now this sculpture here was contracted to a famous anti-Communist McArthian sculpter in the 50s to represent the warped, twisted and unholy madness of the Maoist scumbags over in China and the ugliness of their souls. But I don't want to bother you wholesome Japanese folk with such depressing art. Would you like to see our collection of Raggedy Ann dolls in the main museum?"

23rd October 2002, 10:42
To the man in the blue tie "...now tell me again exactly how this saved your marriage....."