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2nd September 2002, 18:21
I can't wait until I get there.
So I thought I would ask before I go.
I will be moving to Mexico. Maybe the Cancun
or Acapulco areas for about 6 months and I did
not want to stop training. Does anyone know of a Dojo
in these necks of the woods?
Please help me I am so looking forward to your response

Thank you

Karin Kemen
Karate Goju Ryu

Goju Man
7th September 2002, 01:39
Do a search on google for karate do Mexico. It will give you some links.

10th September 2002, 12:10
Hello everyone...
I was in Cancun last weekend and guess
what. I found one school and they teach Goju Ryu and
they are downtown... and they have the same schedule
I have at home... Thanks for all of your support I really
appreciate this...
Cheers have a great day or what ever and take care...

Karin Kemen

Unless you have anything else to add regarding this topic
please feel free to reply. If not than thank you
for your time and interests

Karin Kemen

Ron Rompen
10th September 2002, 14:11
Congrats Karin. Have a great time down there, and think of all your friends up here suffering through yet another Canadian winter.

10th September 2002, 14:41
Thanks Ron actually I was only down for 2 days
it was really amazing. I wanted to get familiar with
the local lifestyle and stuff before I commit to living there
the hard way... Everything is fine and dandy when the sun is
shining and it is 2 x 1 beers for 10 pesos all day long...

A meal for a plate of tacos steak tacos and some beers
is about 40 pesos...

This was so great. We rented a car we went down to Playa
Del Carmen and this was nice... It rained all weekend
but I still had fun. I even got stopped by the Mexican
police... Transito for speeding and somehow he let me off

Lucky me...

You have to make a date and go down and visit
Mexico I like Cancun because I venture outside the tourist
zone and visit the downtown and it is very, very easy to
go around. I mean the people can be rude at times and the
women well I would never ask for directions ... I just
go and get lost and make my way around...

Karin Kemen

Goju Man
12th September 2002, 01:44
Everything is fine and dandy when the sun is
shining and it is 2 x 1 beers for 10 pesos all day long...

I think this would interfere slightly with my training!:D