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9th September 2002, 23:22
Hi all!
Is with great sorrow that I comunicate the lost of our beloved friend and great martial arts man, Ubaldo Castilho de Alcantara
also know as Yamantaka (here in E-Budo).

I'll now paste here a mail his son, Renato Usagi, sent to a mailing list we used to attend.

"Yesterday, september 6th(00:30), due to a heart attack
followed by respiratory complications, my father left
Ubaldo Castilho de Alcântara (a .k. a. Kallikrates,
Yamantaka ) was , during all his lifetime, in love
with arts and life.
Conected to martial arts since his childhood (
initiated through japanese JuJutsu, with master Biuza
when he was 14), became known thrgough the art of Tae
KwonDo (which he helped to officialize in Brazil),
having experimented with all arts at his reach, not to
become a “killing machine”, but simple because of his
passion and curiosity to learn.
Compulsive reader, would devour all that was at his
reach, developing an amazing scope of knowledge and
research skills.
If i am envolved in martial arts, his influence is
beyond questioning and certainly a cornerstone.
His vision of “ars gratia ars” and “Culture and skill
walking side-by-side” molded not only my training, but
above all, my character.
Along with his children (me, my brother Adriano and my
sister Magda), his life touched an infinity amount of
others, through, example and deeds.
As a person that gave great value to his dignity, he
didin’t reached “fortune and glory” that so often are
seem as the badges of success...
No, his only trophie was to be able to look at any man
right in the eye and be able to stand with his head
held high.
I shall never recover from his absence...my source of
comfort is to know that many are the friends to
support me in this moment of grief and many are those
who share these sense of loss that shall never fade...
Renato Alcântara
Salvador, 07 de setembro de 2002 "

My deepest condolences to his family and friends :(
We all have lost very much with this fact...

10th September 2002, 16:42
It is always sad to lose someone but when it is a "great one", it is very hard...


Goju Man
12th September 2002, 02:38
It saddens me to hear that you as well as we have lost one of us. My deepest condolences go to you and his family. I didn't know his real name but remember the name Yamantaka. I am very sorry. Godspeed.