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14th September 2002, 09:02

Hope someone can help, I have been looking for a few weeks for an instructional video on Okinawan Bo Katas. I am looking for a video that includes this specific Kata.

Koshiki No Shuji

I have been told that this form is part of the Ryukyu Kobujutsu syllabus.

If possible I would like an instructional video containing some more of these Katas and if possible the applications aswell.

I study in the following disiplines.

Goju Ryu Karate
Wu Shu Kwan
Wing Chun (Only a beginner, learning "Sil Lim Tao" at the moment")


Djbell (1druid1)

14th September 2002, 11:04
You might want to contact Tim Jurgens of the Ryukyu Kobudo Hozon kai, he is also a member on E-Budo too. Look him up under Tim Jurgens.

14th September 2002, 18:19

You might want to look at our web site's kata page at http://www.ryukyu-kobudo.com/page6.html but I am not familiar with the kata you are looking for and it is not listed in our sylabus. If you believe it comes from Ryukyu Kobudojitsu you may want to search resources refering to Inoue Sensei. Also I see you are in the UK you may want to contact Paul Vermiglio who is our insturctor there. you can send him mail at kobudo_pv@hotmail.com. Lastly you might be interested in the fact that Akamine Sensei and Kunioshi Sensei will be in Liverpool from 4-17 October.

Also while I joined our association in Okinawa in 1995 my progress has been slowed by moving to the mainland; Mr. Daulton is most likely a better source of information concerning Kobudo. The one advantage I have is that I am in the same time zone as the Hombu and can make a quick call if I have any questions.

Lastly a quick search on Google turned up the following page with a reference to the kata you mentioned.


Best regards and good luck in searching out the kata. Also if you know anything about it I would be interested to hear a description of it.

Tim Jurgens