View Full Version : Koryu in Pennsylvania?

Jason H.P. Yoo
14th September 2002, 19:07
Does anyone here know of any sword, jujutsu, or taijutsu dojos in Pittsburgh?



bob elder
16th September 2002, 03:27
Have you heard of Will Graves ? He teaches at "Aikido of Pitts." They
are in Etna. He also teaches Toyama Ryu BAtto do. BOb Elder

16th September 2002, 04:25
Hi Jason, I live in Maryland. I have trained with these guys from Pittsburgh, they are a great group. Hope this helps.

Jon Gillespie

17th September 2002, 01:55
Here is a school that teaches samurai arts http://www.geocities.com/krbktmas/

Ed Spearline

Mark Tankosich
20th September 2002, 04:26
Just to add one more: I'd suggest you take a look at John Hamilton's school in the North Hills. It's on Babcock Blvd., and the phone # is 412-821-8076.

Good luck,