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John Lindsey
21st September 2002, 18:03
From Salon.com

Self-defense for prostitutes

CARE urges Bangladeshi hookers to take up karate.

By Jack Boulware
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May 24, 2000 | Prostitutes in Bangladesh are having problems with harassment. According to a survey conducted by CARE Bangladesh -- an American nongovernmental organization -- one hooker can "service" up to three clients per night, so there's certainly room for unwarranted maneuvers.

Programs to help improve the lives of hookers have included a search for real estate where prostitutes can live and a safe sex promotional campaign. And now CARE Bangladesh has come up with a novel idea: training hookers in martial arts.

According to the Manavjamin daily tabloid, 5,000 prostitutes have signed up for classes in Chinese and Japanese arts of self-defense, including kung fu and karate. Laugh if you must at the image of prostitutes lined up on a lawn, practicing high kicks and hand chops, grunting with each blow. It might look like a Bruce Lee movie, but if it works, who's to say?

Next up, perhaps, would be some unscrupulous entrepreneur offering martial arts classes for the johns. And then there would have to be a round robin tournament -- hookers vs. customers, with music provided by George Harrison and Ravi Shankar

hector gomez
21st September 2002, 21:50
John,I think kevin asked a valid question on the other thread and I would like to hear more about it......

Hector Gomez

John Lindsey
21st September 2002, 21:54
I know, that is why I posted this as a new thread.

hector gomez
21st September 2002, 21:58
Why do you need a new thread?

Hector Gomez

Bustillo, A.
21st September 2002, 22:57

22nd September 2002, 00:48
I offered our <a href="http://fastdefense.ca" target=blank>F.A.S.T. Seminars</a> to local sex trade workers,

no takers. Looked like a natural to me but I guess they are all lovers, not fighters!! :)

(Ooo, I embarass myself sometimes, :( )

22nd September 2002, 03:05

I seems you also off classes for Aliens as well. ;)

22nd September 2002, 03:12
This is great

Bustillo, A.
22nd September 2002, 09:29
Modern Bogu gear, not bad.

22nd September 2002, 10:42

Did you make that head gear yourself?
I can't tell from the photo.
Does it work well?
Looks kind of cool like the stuff they use for "model mugging" classes.

22nd September 2002, 16:35
Hi guys, this is the dreaded BulletMan,

distant cousin to the muggers, out of Peyton Quinn's RMCAT in Colorado. The style of seminar is based on the <a href="http://www.fastdefense.org/ " target=blank>FAST program of Bill Kipp.</a> Yoiu must take his course to buy the gear.

The head is too large but has to be like that to properly protect the man from the heavy hitting he experiences...and for that it works very well. He can't take kicks to the knee and pushing him around by that large helmet is a no-no. It is not nearly so mobile as the Bogu gear and isn't very useful for sparring.

By the way, that is not me in there, I'm old, remember? That's my young and frisky assistant, Joe.

This training has solidified for me the feeling that class alone in a classical style, even for 20 years, does NOT teach proper maintainance of force / power / perception in an adrenalized state since it usually takes the third fight for a well trained person to start to really lay beats on Joe - the first two fights are usually a fizzle ending with head shaking, "I don't know what happened!"

23rd September 2002, 11:22
The best modern Bogu I ever saqw is Tony Blauer's HIGH GEAR stuff.It really lets ytou hammer but you can still feel it, so I hear.I am not affiliated with that org nor is this an ad, and the stuff is fearfully expensive, but it really looks good.Let's you move, too.

First time someone gets into a scenario with contact training, Ted is right, takes about three times.

First time, I guarantee, you not used to it, you gonna get whupped bad.

That;s what used to be so funny when the other style people would come into the Okinawan Kenpo Dojo and the Wolf Brothers would be there, awaiting them, for armored combat. AWooooooooo!The werewolves of London.Only it was Lima, our hair was not perfect, that helmet messed it up, and we didn't rip lungs out, merely kicked people's wind out.

At least till they figured it out,.Most never stayed that long.

Once on another forum I told a feller I'd love to go a few rounds with the Bulletman suit, looks soft, you could hit that head really good, not so with old Bogu, you hit that steel cage with unprotected fist, ouch!Specially if you hit the central welds, rip.

23rd September 2002, 14:28
Mornin John,

the head gear is pliable, not really 'soft' but it only hurts to hit when your wrist collapses as it often does the first time :)

No steel parts in it that's for sure!

The mesh over the eyes is a good deal, I've stabbed Joe in the eyes twice during demos (the "oh sugar!" move against a surprise knife thrust low) and he took a good one from a 71 yr old a month ago.