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22nd September 2002, 22:41
Dearest Friends,

I had a really interesting evening at the Dojo tonight. In training with Sensei Akutagawa... I've come to learn much about the relationship between destination, journey... and the element of discouragement that we may find in exploring these two concepts.

The Tao Te Ching (Pronounced: Dao De Jing) is an ancient document writen by Lao Tzu. Within this document it is believed that one of the things we can be most certain of in life is constant change. In the workplace... in school.... at home... and on a larger scale... in the whole world. Technology evolves... things change. Methods improve... once again there are more changes. People age... and from this we will all change.

It almost seems inevitable doesn't it? Whether it is or not I suppose can still be argued. I'm willing to assume from what I've seen lately that such change cannot be avoided. Thus... to fight and be discouraged with such a pattern and system almost seems futile.

I've gripped with a tight fist for so long the possibility that in my studies... whatever it is that I"m doing... I'm slowly moving towards a place or destination.... and upon reaching this destination... there will be clarity and understanding. This tight fist that I've held inside myself was opened this evening by the words of another person.... and in doing so..... I came to see that what I thought I was holding so tightly in my fist..... was precisely nothing at all.

The Sensei who for so long I perceived as a master and warrior... truly is and always will be this!!! However.... even he has arrived nowhere.

Whatever rank we've obtained... status that we've earned.... and even the defeats that we suffered......... it absolutely does not matter. These accolades and accomplishments place us nowhere on a human scale that is to date... without true measure.

There shall always be those who are better... and always those who are beginning. Regardless of the stage we feel we're at.....we must not forget that all of us could be equally as close to the end. There is still no one to say that we're not.

It was also pointed out this evening that one of the reasons we meet discouragement on our journey is because people in fact do build the false sense of destination. Francis Bacon said... "Knowledge is Power." The greatest mistake in humanity is to hoard knowledge... and to keep it for ourselves. Knowledge has become something to pattent and sell. Is this really knowledge in it's most powerful state though???????????????

What could happen possibly if such great knowledge was Shared?????????????? The ideas and concepts... the wisdom and knowledge that we keep to ourselves would now be filtered through hundreds of different minds and perspectives. From this... new ideas shall arise.... new progress will be made.... and new advancements in thought or concepts shall be seen. And from this.... the knowledge should once again be shared....and the process can repeat itself. To hoard what we learn is almost detrimental to the idea of human flourishing. Giving all we can to as many we can... with our best intentions!!!! Does this not seem like a possibility that may work????

I've come to think that Bushido Theory at it's finest explores this concept in training. We need not become discouraged with Destination....but only dive deeper inside ourselves to recognize the journey. Take in lessons.... utilize them and share them.

Sharing!!!!! :) Maybe It's true. Could it be that all we really needed to know we have learned in Kindergarten? :) :)

If you guys think the theory is sound please let me know

And feedback please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Lots of Love to you all.....
Good luck on the Journey...

Crusader 21

Michael Clarke
23rd September 2002, 00:13
As you never signed off with your name Mr Crusader, or can I Call you 21:p I'll just get on with my comments.

I enjoyed what you had to say and the insight it offered the rest of us. You're lucky to have a sensei who can open your mind to the things you talked of. Many people are not involved in the martial arts for the reason of making a journey into their own 'self'.
They are training for other reasons (some valid, some based on nothing but childish ego). When it comes to teaching martial arts, then even more are in it for reasons other than the things you spoke of. A biy of extra money on the side without the tax man knowing, and making a living seem to be the reasons a lot of people teach. Such people see their 'knowledge' as the commodity they 'sell' to others, and given that they need to keep selling to keep the bills paid, their not going to share with anyone unless they get paid. Of course others teach because they have been told to by their 'boss'.

It's strange really but the very things that we see in people, who have come to understand budo to any extent, are the very things people complain about when it becomes their time to adopt them. Thus the bith of 'free interpretation', and the pretence that this is all a part of Shu-Ha-Ri. If only it were so, but no, what we see for the most part are the more base human characteristics in action once again.

The path we walk through life using the tennents of budo as our guide is not at all as attractive as magazines and the pro-instructors would have us believe. It's long, sometimes difficult, sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes funny, sometimes breathtaking, but always personal.

Unfortunatly, too many folk confuse information with knowledge. They then go on to confuse knowledge with wisdom. These things are clearly not the same, and while the first may be gained quite easily and quickly, the last will always take a lifetime, if it's ever found at all?

Peace and love to all.
Mike Clarke.

23rd September 2002, 06:51
I agree you are totally right it is a never ending journey (or a journey to nowhere)

but for me that is the greatest thing about studying karate, judo and jiu jitsu... you never ever stop learning..

23rd September 2002, 15:17
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