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25th September 2002, 03:10
Hello, I'm new and looking for information and/or pictures of the following weapons:

Chimi (described loosely as a musical plectrum)

Gekken (described as a polearm with a half-moon blade)

Hoko (described as a form of axe)

Two Kama joined by a length of chain or rope.

Mame (a hard bean used as a weapon)

Nata (in Okinawan kobudo I have seen this weapon, which isn't related to the Japanese weapon of the same name, as a form of polearm, and occasionally sword)

Ogo (no data available, other than the name)

Toyei Nobori Kama (also called Toyei-noborigama, described as a polearm with a blade)

Yamakatana (I've seen this described as a straight mountain sword, a weapon resembling the Chinese Nan Dao (no idea), and a blade similar to the Japanese Nata)

Japanese/Okinawan flails, such as the Daijo, Gekigan, Kururi, Suruchin, and Uchibo.

Thanks for any information available on these weapons.

K. Straight

1st October 2002, 00:54
This link covers a few of the above:

RKAGB (http://www.rkagb.com/weapons/_main.htm)

Hope it helps,


1st October 2002, 01:23
Looks like a good site except in the Tonfa section it says Tinbe Rochin in Japanese instead of Tonfa........no big deal.

1st October 2002, 03:25
Drop Mead-sensei a line - he's a nice guy and would appreciate the feedback.