View Full Version : origin or history of tokomine no kun kata??

25th September 2002, 20:27

I was wondering if anybody out ther can give me some information on the history or origin of tokomine no kun bo kata. my search has come up empty other then there's another verison practiced in the isshin ryu system that differs from the one practiced in my dojo. any info would be greatly appreciated.

thank you
robert JASON herten

30th September 2002, 00:09
Hi Bob,

If you check out the site of my friend Joe Swift, you'll find a short history of Tokomeni No Kon kata.

It's at http://page.freett.com/dojo/EIRKob1.html

Hope this is helpful,

Victor Smith
Bushi No Te Isshinryu

30th September 2002, 13:53
thank you for help victor that was exactly what I was looking for.