View Full Version : OT: Neil Yamamoto... ohh, ohh me next please!

18th August 2000, 05:03
Just had a thought... many of us turn purple and hang on to our tongues instead of speaking out... Neil Yamamoto-san could run a bewitching service. Kind of like "Being John Malkovitch", for us frustrated, mousy bu-types (and we even get to stay in our own bodies)!!

"Have you ever had that inadequate feeling? Are you shy and unable to stand up for yourself? No muss no fuss, its the new process thats sweeping the nation, get possessed (only $49.95 for the first minute and .40 for each additional) by the spirit of N. Yamamoto-sama. That N. Yamamoto, ask for him by name.

Disclaimer: Service not available or legal in most states, consult with a physician before attempting. This process could leave you horribly scarred; the owner and proprietors accept no responsibility for consequences, or permanent conditions that may arise from [mis]use. Not Grandmaster Soto's instructor. Do not attempt swimming for at least 40 minutes afterward. In preparation for the possesion, please have many years of falling on your head, proof of identity and credit cards standing by.

Be well,

Oh, BTW, when Neil comes out to the East coast drinks are on me!!

Nathan Scott
18th August 2000, 16:52
Hey Neil - your gonna be famous!

Aaron Fields
18th August 2000, 17:32
Oh geez,

Neil is a good guy, outspoken yes, but that is a good thing.
Course he didn't need to hit me in the head with a bokken. HEHEHEHE. Don't let fame go to your head Neil...

18th August 2000, 18:24

Thanks for the comments. I look forward to the drink.

This is Neil again channeling thru Toby. Hey ... Is that a sword sticking out of my arm... uh Toby's arm... oop's

..tis but a flesh wound... Tob'll never notice...

He's from Texas

Gotta go!

Neil Yamamoto

Neil Yamamoto
19th August 2000, 00:34
For all e-budo members, I will possess your body for only $29.95. That's less then the nice lady on the street corner charges for doing thing to your body. At least that's what I'm told. How would I know otherwise?

Geez, Nathan, Toby, and Aaron, why do you big bullies always gotta pick on the little guys like me?

I'll show you, I'll possess you during class so you end up skwering yourselves on your katana, tripping on your hakama, or in Aaron's case, have your gi pants fall off.

Jigme, I love it, thanks for the laugh.

BTW, I drink single malt scotch. You are gonna have on big bar tab buddy!

Earl Hartman
19th August 2000, 00:40

What's your favorite single malt? The two Glens (Livet and Fiddich) are OK, but my favorite is Oban. Laphroaig is WAY too smoky for me.

Do you like bourbon? If you do, try Makers Mark. Makes the best mint juleps around.

Hashi Godan, Nomihoudai Ryu

Chuck Clark
19th August 2000, 01:02
Just now, I'm looking at a bottle of 21 year old single malt, single barrel from "The Balvenie" distillery.

In about an hour I'll treat myself to three fingers in my favorite glass and not look at my computer any more today!

Here's to our health!

Joseph Svinth
19th August 2000, 09:56
Hey Chuck, are those fingers measured horizontally or vertically in relation to the glass?

Neil Yamamoto
19th August 2000, 19:16
Very off topic.

Earl, Favorite scotch is hard to pin down, depends on the mood I'm in and the flavor I'm looking for in my drink. The best Scotches I have ever had: Glen Rothes 27 year old cask strength from a 1967 bottling. A 31 yr Springbank was just as good as the the Glen Rothes 27. A 37 year old 1961 Glen Rothes was almost as good but had lost some flavor in the barrel. 30 year old Bowmore was in the ball park too.

You might want to try out the Bruichladdich if you like some smoke but not as intense as the Laphroig.

You can always find some of these in my cabinet for day to day wee drams and for sharing with friends.

Talisker 10 yr old
McCallan 12 and 18
Glenlivet 12
Oban 14- With you on this on, great flavor balance
Laphroig 10
Bowmore Legend, and 17
Lagavulin 16
Glenkinichie 10
Dalmore 12
Bruichladdich 10
Edradour 10
Dalwhinie 12

The really good stuff - I am not telling anyone what I have stashed away.

Bourbon is also a great thing. If you like the Makers Mark, you might also like the Rip Van Winkle and the Sitzel Weller brands which use wheat in the mix.

I may suck at Budo, but I know my booze!

PS. Next time you land in Seattle, Hopscotch on Capitol Hill has over 140 scotches in stock. FX McRory's by Safeco Field has about the same number of bourbons.

Chuck Clark
19th August 2000, 22:24

That measurement would be horizontal strictly because I'm a "poor budo teacher" who would not be able to pay his bills if it was a vertical measurement.

As Neil Yamamoto reminded me (and I agree!!), the Balvenie Port Barrel 12 year old is a treat also.


21st August 2000, 14:46
Hi all,

Scotch drinkers and martial artsts. I knew there was a reason I liked you guys so much. Reincarnated family!

I'm in agreement on the Oban. I even visited the Oban distillery several years ago. If you ever have a chance, go check out Oban, Scotland. You gotta just love the Scot's. Great folks.

My fav's are Oban, Lagavulin. Glen Rothes, Talisker, McCallan 18, and Springbank. I think I have 20 different labels in my cabinet at home. My least favorite is Royal Lochnagar. Best for the buck, easily Abourlour.


Earl Hartman
21st August 2000, 19:07
Well, I admit defeat. I am definitely only in the "Omote no kata" when it comes to the study of "uisbach", the "water of life", the gift of the Scots to the rst of us poor heathens.

However, I see that I have stumbled onto a ryu, many of the members of which are not only in the "Ura no kata" of the sweet draught, but which numbers quite a few menkyo kaiden holders, or, at the very least, a slew of okuden/hiden initiates.

I sit at your feet.


Aaron Fields
21st August 2000, 19:23

Ahhh we meet again, welcome to the ryu-ha. As Neil or Joe will tell you our secrets lie in our liver conditioning techniques. To attain menkyo kaiden/soke/shihan/grand poo-baa status you must snatch the glass from one of the poo-baa's hands. (OK if it just slips out as we nod-off while on a barstool that counts as well.) The ryu-ha inner teachings begin once you demonstrate stumbling-down-the-stairs waza.

Nathan Scott
21st August 2000, 22:32
Hi guys,

Now we're getting somewhere.

While I like the Glen's just fine, me boss - the original "Fat Scotish Bastard" (no kidding) just introduced me to the Balvenie double wood.

It's about $45.00 a bottle where I've seen it here, but it's worth every penny. That is some REALLY, nice, smooth drinking.

So far, my boss has been the best part of working at DreamWorks! (DrunkWorks)

Funny enough, I don't really consider this all that off topic.

Earl Hartman
21st August 2000, 22:39

Does the "falling-face-first-into-the-entree" kata count? I can do that one.


22nd August 2000, 14:08

We have a throw in the Takamura ha SYR called Tatsumaki Nage. I perform a solo variation with a bottle of Oban in my hand. Imagine it your minds eye. Tornado Throw!

It's best performed with the bottle capped as it is poor form if one drop of "yje Scottish necter of the gods" makes contact with the terra firma. Thats for your head!


"You know you not had enough if you can figure headache came from drink or fall" - Takamura Yukiyoshi

Mark Jakabcsin
22nd August 2000, 20:56
"You know you not had enough if you can figure headache came from drink or fall" - Takamura Yukiyoshi

My heart is heavy that I missed the opportunity to meet Takamura Sensei. Toby thanks for sharing Takamura-isms with us.


Neil Yamamoto
22nd August 2000, 21:03
I just want all of you to know that I am going to be very busy possessing all of you so I can enjoy more single malts on someone's elses dime.

Some suggestions of what you should be drinking so we can both enjoy the dram:

Bowmore 30yr so my bottle won't disappear so fast.
Linkwood 22yr for the same reason.
Springbank 100 proof 12 year
Springbank 21 yr
Ardbeg 17 because like good martial artists, there is not much of this left in the world.. :cry:

Aaron, sorry I missed liver and hara conditioning last Saturday. I'll stop by the dojo on Wednesday if I can get away.

Earl, Aaron, Joe, and I try to get together for beers. If you are in Seattle area - I seem to recall you come up for Relnick Sensei's seminars, how about some training time with us so we can develop our hara?

Did Takamura Sensei really say that? I love it!

Earl Hartman
22nd August 2000, 21:14

My hara, according to my wife, is developing far too nicely on its own for me to need any help. I love tempura'd anything, and now she's muttering darkly about cutting back on it in view of my accomplishments in haragei, and is threatening me with natto and other things too unspeakable to mention. Fortunately, I don't listen to her.

I occasionally make it up to Relnick Sensei's when I can (and he's in town). I will probably be up in Seattle at least once before the end of the year to help out the fledgling kyudo group there. I will try to get in touch with you when I'm up there. It's usually a day trip on Sunday, but I always have a few hours after the class until my flight back, and there's nothing better for the flight back home than "one for the road" (hint hint, wink wink, nudge nudge).


22nd August 2000, 21:52

NATTO.... Yeeeesh. Don't do it man... I like you man

I can smell it already!

And Neil, The answer is yes. Tak really said that but he was an Irish Whisky drinker, 14 year old Bushmills.


Earl Hartman
22nd August 2000, 22:24

Don't worry. To get me to eat it, she has to catch me first.

Unfortunately, I'm a minority of one. Everyone else in my family loves the stuff. She even compares BRANDS of natto, man. "Hmmm...I think the natto from Shiga-ken is stickier, slimier, and smells even worse than the stuff from Aomori-ken. And the slime threads are the longest I've ever seen! What do you think, dear?"