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3rd October 2002, 06:50

Iエm new to Shorinjikempo and have a question.

What is the practice of kenshi going to Japan to train? Do you have to have a high rank, like black belt, or been training for a number of years?

The reason for asking is that I知 possibly going to Japan next year and if possible it would be nice to be able to practice Shorinjikempo while I知 there.

3rd October 2002, 07:29

Hello Tommy,

It shouldn't be a problem at all. Just tell your branch master that you'd like to attend some practices at a branch in Japan during your stay and then find out where the nearest branch is located at near your where you'll be staying. From my own experience, I've traveled to Japan twice during summer break from college. Each time I practiced at the Sakai city dojo near my place that I was staying in Osaka. The first time I went was for 2 months and then the following summer for 3 months. I didn't log in my practices while I was doing that. Maybe you should ask and see if there is a way that you could get credit for the practice time that you put in over there if your gonna be staying for a few weeks. Sounds like fun and you'll definatly enjoy it.

3rd October 2002, 12:54
By all means, come and train in Japan. You can come and stay will me if you like. (Open house for all kenshi.) You'll have a blast.

3rd October 2002, 13:26
Gassho __||__

When I went to Japan in 1990 I had only been training in Shorinji Kempo for about 6 months, so I was still a white belt. Once I was I in Japan I had a co-worker who introduced me to a dojo ( Sendagaya Doin, Tokyo). I trained for 2 years there and had several of my first gradings there. I had no dificulties transfering my training time from Japan back to Canada when I returned. There are lots of dojos around Japan so you should not have any problem finding one close to where you might be going. Good luck and have fun!

Onno Kok
Alberta Shibu
Calgary Canada

Tripitaka of AA
3rd October 2002, 14:02
And it works both ways of course. During the years I practised in London, we met many fine Japanese Kenshi who were staying in Britain for a few months. Shorinji Kempo is international, after all :).

I went on holiday to the USA just after I started training (way back in 1983-ish), and was elated to find I could visit the Shorinji Kempo Dojo in San Francisco. Although it was just for one training session, it had a lasting impression. Good folk around the world sharing the same ideals, working hard to master the skills and learn the teachings.

If you are going for a longer stay, then it might be an idea to take some kind of reference, or letter of introduction, from your Branch Master. It is a point of etiquette that might go a long way to ease your introduction into a new class. ;)