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John Lindsey
8th October 2002, 04:48
Recently, a member of e-budo mentioned a new book called “Passing the Guard: Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Details and Techniques” by Ed Beneville and Tim Cartmell. I visited their website and became very interested in not only the content of the book, but also how it is presented. I immediately contacted Ed and obtained a copy of the book for review.

Without a doubt, this is one of the best “how to” books on martial arts that I have read in a long time. From page one, this book is set up as a learning tool. It is obvious that the authors put a lot of time into not only writing the book, but presenting it is such a way. Many martial art authors write instructional books as a form of self-advertising, illustrating it with just enough black and white photos to leave the reader wanting more. Not so with these guys! Ed and Tim chose to use color photos throughout the book and it plays a major part in successfully transmitting the subject matter.

Ed and Tim have agreed to come here and discuss their book with our members. Please feel free to ask them any questions in regards to their book or on the subject of BJJ.

John Lindsey
8th October 2002, 05:00
Here is a sample from the book. These and other samples can be down-loaded as Acrobat files from their website: