View Full Version : Aikijujutsu Dojo Finder - READ THIS

Nathan Scott
9th October 2002, 23:02
Please use this forum to search for existing threads asking for dojo in the area that you are interested in.

If one does not exist, feel free to start a new thread with your request for information. However, please continue the thread naming format already being used to facilitate searches and future navigation.

Because of the high volume of requests for instruction posted to the AJJ forum, this sub-forum archive will be used exclusively for this purpose. Additions or opinions about instruction in a given area is welcome, but any other discussions should be posted in the main AJJ forum.

Good luck in your search!

Keep in mind though that many AJJ groups operate in a classical manner, so simply asking for help on the internet may not be an adequate show of effort to get you in the door at such a school. I recommend following traditional etiquette and putting forth as much time and effort as is necessary to get accepted if the training is important enough to you.