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Goju Man
10th October 2002, 23:39
I was recently reading a thread about myself on a seminar tape. I would like to ask the same questions as Mr. Williams. What tape? When? Furthermore, I am not now or have not been in Mr. Bluming's organization. Mr. Horrowitz, can you give me some info.? Please, no flaming or anything else. I would like to know how my name was mentioned in it.

P.S. Unless the tape is an Oleg Taktarov tape, I wouldn't be in it.;)

Bustillo, A.
11th October 2002, 10:36
On the 'Seminar' forum, there is a thread about an event in Seattle.
Ask the people involved
Among others, the 'insiders' on a semianr tape would be the following; Mark F., Joey Svinth, Kevin Schaller and Neil Yamamoto.

The aforementioned write on E-budo. Therefore, without getting into poitics, they can shed some light about the semianr video tape.

Goju Man
11th October 2002, 11:17
Antonio, how is it claimed I, or we for that matter are on it? When did this seminar happen?

Richard Horrowi
11th October 2002, 21:12
First to address Mr. Boyd

I visited A. Martinez Dojo. I wrote it before on E-Budo you must have missed that one. I stated he ran a good class. We have similar backgrounds in that he was a member of the JKF as I was once. He then went to Chinen Sensei and I went to Higaonna Sensei. As Mr. Clarke wrote in another thread it's loaded with politics and you'd only be able to comprehend it unless you're on the inside.

Now also Mr. Boyd having a Sandan with the JKF and Nidan under the IOGKF Mr. Martinez wanted me to dawn a white belt. No problem on this end, but wanted to test me monthly to get me to Shodan or Nidan status. So why would I want to join someone who's after a monthly dojo fee, a monthly testing fee, and a menjo fee when we both came from almost identical backgrounds? You called it out and now you have it.

As for the SFA (bullies) that's the impression of most of the Budoka in Miami of them, I was wrong in stating you all were in the tapes. It was two other Miamians who joined. I will not mention who let me view the tape but it was this year. I also see that the Moderator on Bad Budo had asked questions then had it removed, or maybe someone else did? I also noticed Lap Dog Mitchel had written a post as well and it was removed? I guess people are truly scared of what information one might have about certain individuals.

One more thing Mr. Boyd I may come off as a troll but I haven't posted anything that wasn't correct, and if it was incorrect I'll admit I was wrong.

Richard Horrowitz

Goju Man
12th October 2002, 00:40
Richard, I'm curios of how you address us as bullies. I personally have never corresponded with you.

As for the SFA (bullies) that's the impression of most of the Budoka in Miami of them,
Who specifically?

It was two other Miamians who joined.
What other Miamians? Are they in the aforementioned gruop?
Are you the guy who wrote about Atemi Ryu?
About this tape, what specifically bothered you about this seminar? I don't understand the big deal. Have you seen any Dillman seminar tapes? I hear that there are other one touch tapes out there, so I don't understand what is so special about this one.

12th October 2002, 22:20
Ok guys,

you seem to know what is going on here but I don't (does anybody else?) and it looks to me like I dont like it...personal stuff that should be taken to private.

Mr. Horowitz, why suddenly call on Mr. Boyd, he's not on this thread, what gives?

And, as well,
" One more thing Mr. Boyd I may come off as a troll but I haven't posted anything that wasn't correct, and if it was incorrect I'll admit I was wrong.

trolls can make correct statments with the intention to inflame...hmmmm?

Keep it personal and I'll lock it up or remove it.

Bustillo, A.
12th October 2002, 23:57

I was going to stay out of this and let other folks say what they had to say. However...

With all due respect the main topic appeared to be about if there is a certain seminar tape circulating. Among others you and the moderator Steve WWilliams were/are not aware of it. Perhaps some folks don't care, nonetheless, regardless if anyone is interested in purchasing the tape some folks like to be informed of what is out in the market and or circulating around ebudo.

In my opinion, I see this no different than those who ask about a particular book, the location of a school, or information about an instructor.

There are folks who are now aware of the Bluming Seattle seminar videotape. -- I don't see why the big secret.

Now, if this thread is going to removed or locked because you were pressured and because someone is trying to hide something, that is another matter.
I do agree when you mention it should not be personal.


Goju Man
13th October 2002, 00:12
Hello Ted, the whole purpose of this thread is that I had heard mention on another thread, which was rapidly shut down before anything was answered that I was mentioned to be on it along with some others here. Really, heads of countless organizations have been had here, this is nothing of the sort. Someone obviously has a tape floating around out there. Is there some reason this is off limits?

13th October 2002, 01:37
Threads that get shut down (or moved) due to the topic:

1. Topics that bash other people, whether here or not.


Threads that get shut down due to the immature, antagonistic, bad attidude of people writning to the topic.

1. ALL OF 'EM!

Ask your questions, wait for a reply, and every time I read the word "YOU" my cursor hovers over the options button because you is personal and often should not be here.

Goju Man
13th October 2002, 14:30
Ted, with all due respect, I'm confused. Where was your cursor in the Higaonna thread? Where was your cursor when Peter Urban was getting it? Wasn't it you that said heads of organizations or people who put things in print, or video in this case are subject to critique? What or who is pressuring you? What is on this tape that is desperatley trying to be hidden?

13th October 2002, 16:54
fair question.

I've been moderator here since at least May 2000, when the dates were all re-set. Before that date and for a good deal of the time after the only admin duty I had to do was remind folks to sign in with their full name. And that was it. For over two years.

the forum was suddenly involved in all kinds of vituperation, accusation, nasty replies to "suspected" inuendos, out right lies, over simplifications and misinterpretations on purpose for the purpose of making someone else mad...

I took me a long time to wake up that this wasn't just a flash in our little pan, that some of the rivalry seemed to have started elsewhere and was a co-ordinated effort about stuff we weren't part of and that it couldn't be ignored.

Then it took me a long time to get hot about it (I basically hate confrontation) and then it took a long time for me to decide how I was g oing to interpre John's rules and do my job. Therefore, as things stayed hot, my style and decisions changed to try and fix the problem. So, yes, things ARE different.

I have never met Mr. Blumming tho I was invited to the Seatle seminar (see what I missed???!). I have never gotten instructions from anyone to play favorites about anyone or to "protect" their name or anything like that at all. John is an honorable man as far as I'm concerned.

Topics ABOUT or QUESTIONING famous folks are ok but nasty, juvenile petty, unproven allegations designed to foment hostility in some other forum member are not allowed and yes, of course I must guess at a writer's motive but also yes, it is I who must do that so I will! I've been forced into this by the outrageous behavior of a few and as long as I'm here, I will do it. Wear my patience thin and this is what you get. I've explained myself lots of times, and I'm getting tired of it - bash the staff and lose the thread.

It is not me protecting anyone, it is you guys stepping, rushing, igoring, charging over the line when certain names are mentioned...leaving all respect behind. (The bottom line: Treat your fellow E-Budo members with respect.) That is what I react to because, (especially here) I don't know what is going on, I just see the disrespect.

The saddest thing? I've seen posts on other forums I visit that say something like: "I don't visit to e-budo anymore, there is just too much backstabbing and squabbling about nothing, its gone so downhill." I thought they were talking about the Ninja forum but it was about here.

So lighten up. Keep your hostilities private. Keep your personal arguments private.


Goju Man
13th October 2002, 18:33
Ted, I can appreciate that. No one has bashed no one here. As you know, I don't see eye to eye with a few here, I just hope that everytime we are debating something, a thread gets shut down. I personally don't have a problem with Bluming. The man has stood for a lot of what I write about. I doubt you would have done much kata in Seatle. We've cleared up the thing about myself or the SFA being there. Now I'm just curious as to why this seminar tape is being kept so secretive. After all, it's not a Dillmania ko tape or anything like that, is it?

Goju Man
14th October 2002, 22:02
Well, I must say thanks to the gentleman who finally got to see the infamous tape. I wonder what the big deal is. :D I have gotten to see some e-budo regulars on there. Very nice. :D Hey Mark ole buddy, are you part of the organization? :D Was the the Joe Svinth I saw on the AMC special? :D

Bustillo, A.
14th October 2002, 23:52
I thought it was interesting to view the tape of 'Bluming in Seatle.'It was nice to put a face behind some of the ebudo members in attendance. -However, I see why there is pressure to keep this tape hush-hush...

At the end of the tape several people received special recognition.
I would like to congratulate the non-karate men...meaning judo and aikido practioners, selected, and given rokudan, to the committee designed to oversee promotions of US IBK kyokushin instructors.

Goju Man
15th October 2002, 11:37
I think you can find them next to the Dillman tapes. It looks like a lot of the same types of people on there. :D

Goju Man
15th October 2002, 23:03
It's hard to tell who's in better shape, the guys in the Dillman tapes or the guys on this one.:laugh:
Let's just say that there are no Mr. Fitness on either one of those.
What's the age requirement there?

Bustillo, A.
16th October 2002, 09:48
I must admit, Jon Bluming has a good sense of humor. There were some good jokes throughout the interview.
I can see why people enjoy listening to his colorful stories.

Yet Mike, you didn't quote the best one-liner when the Honorable Mr. Bluming takes a hard jab at traditional karatekas and alternate lifestyles.--Anita Bryant...you have another spokesperson.

I am not kidding he was charming and in no way boring.

Bustillo, A.
17th October 2002, 00:38

If you are going to quote a Blumingism make sure people understand the context.

The phrase you quoted was in reference to the reason of what inspired his vision of All-Round fighting which consists of 1/3 karate. 1/3 judo throws and 1/3 grappling.
He states what inspired him in the following quote;

"Free-fight in the world I started it in 1966....because of when I saw that stupid karate, what I call stupid pussy karate systems..."

And then he goes on to say the bit about alternative lifestyles.

Originally posted by TOKON
Quote: " If you are going to stand there in this homosexual stance, facing your opponent, you are going to get your ass kicked. You might as well go join some homosexual karate group because that is what you look like anyway..."

". - Kancho Jon Bluming
That was a funny interview. GOOD STUFF!

...See now people can understand where he is coming from...

Goju Man
17th October 2002, 01:17
Also, if you are a horses arse, you are allowed to schmit anywhere you want.:laugh:
Priceless!!! He should do stand up!

Richard Horrowi
17th October 2002, 10:07
It was only a matter of time before I knew you guys would be viewing the tape. I also know who you viewed it from a little grappling student of a certain JC.

Do tell if this is correct or not and will this Bluming thing ever die.

Richard Horrowitz

Goju Man
17th October 2002, 11:01
Yes Richard, isn't it a small world?:D I've said it before, I have no problem with Bluming, I'm just comenting on some of the people I've read about and seeing them in person. Yep, they need plenty of kata. I see why. :D

19th October 2002, 23:32
Originally posted by Goju Man
Yes Richard, isn't it a small world?:D I've said it before, I have no problem with Bluming, I'm just comenting on some of the people I've read about and seeing them in person. Yep, they need plenty of kata. I see why. :D

Kata builds strong bodies twelve different ways.:D
1.Repetition of movements with form, power and speed is good conditioning.

2.It shows you where your movements need work.

3.It improves balance which is good for you.

4. It is not a major source of calcium expect that movement tends to build bone density.

5/It keeps you from getting bored with basics. If you get bored with kata, do another kata.

6.It makes you hungry so after the workout you eat lots.

7.It makes the hours roll by and the money roll in. Ooops, sorry, that's Jon Bluming's statement.:D

8.It makes you stand up straight and move like a tiger, which increases confidence plus looks cool.

9. It enables one to learn a whole mess of really impressive plus strange-looking maneuvers ther meaning of which is either misunderstood, not understood at all, or hotly contested and provides hours and hours of debate for those so inclined.:-)

10.It makes you tired so can sleep well after the workout, which is good for you.

11.You never get hurt doing kata unless you slip and fall, or bash yourself in na nose doing up blocks.:D

12.It can keep you fromn getting in a fight if when you do a kata, you really look like you know what you are doing and can scare the would be challenger.Saves bumbs and bruises, and that is good for you too.

:D Got Kata?:D

Goju Man
23rd October 2002, 00:22
John, I saw quite a few who got kata but need quite a bit more.:D

Bustillo, A.
31st October 2002, 12:25
Well, it appears the word is getting around. Much to my surprise , Shock, I saw a copy of Bluming's Seattle seminar video tape on sale at a martial art supply store.

$39.95...what a bargain.

31st October 2002, 15:33
Originally posted by Sagasuhito
Hello Everyone,


PS Will Mr. Sensitive Richard Horrowitz be interested in attending an upcoming Open Tournament? I've had some people inquire about if he'd like to attend.

Hopefully his real name is something like David Smith or something like that. He has gained the attention of Peter Urban's students, the Atemi Ryu people and probably the freinds and student of Moses Powell. Damn, I wish him luck. Hope you guys in Florida can find some forgiveness in your heart and just let go of all your negetive energy. Feel the peace, be at one with nature. Love your neighbor and when he aint looking love your neighbor's wife. :)

Bustillo, A.
1st November 2002, 13:31
Originally posted by Sagasuhito
Big Ed,

There aint nothin but Love down here baby, especially if you got a good looking wife. Uh oh where's Kahuna at and where's my wife?

Kahuna, guess you mean me, well uhm.

Uh, um, eh...you know I went voting yesterday...Thursday. Yes, yes, I know the elections are scheduled for Tuesday Nov. 5th. However, You know with all the fiasco of past elections here in South florida, they implemented the early voting system to get voters accustomed to the computers. They've revamped the entire voting process. For the most part, No more senior citizen volunteers, they have trained county workers monitoring the voting centers.

So, I was , uh, um ...voting all day long. Yeah, Had to vote three times. Lit up a cigarette afterwards...