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13th October 2002, 23:48
Has anyone come across drawings/art/photos of Bujinkan related teachers? Exapmles: Shinryuken Masamitsu Toda, Ishitani Sensei, Mizuta Sensei...other Teachers of Takamatsu. I realize photos can only go back so far. I have seen a drawing of Hattori Hanzo but much of the in between decades seem vague. Thanks for any positive input.
Jon Gillepsie

14th October 2002, 19:48
I am starting to hear crickets...it's awfully silent.
Jon Gillespie

John Lindsey
14th October 2002, 20:00
None that I know of. Takematsu S. once wrote about having a picture of Toda, but that was a long time ago. If we can find Toda's grave, then that might be a good starting point for such things. It is very difficult to find any information on this teacher.

14th October 2002, 20:03
Thanks for the start John.

Jon Gillespie

14th October 2002, 20:42
I have it somewhere. I used to have a likeness of Toda sensei as well, It will take time to find. Jon Gillespie

14th October 2002, 22:45
There are at least two images of Hattori Hanzo. In Essence of Ninjutsu, in a section where Hatsumi-sensei talks of Toda Shinryuken practicing Shoten, there is a drawing of a man running up a post. There are also a number of similar images of Takagi Oriemon.

These drawings should not be considered portraits of these people. There are representations of them. The images 'of' Hanzo were illustrations from stories of him. As are the ones of Takagi Oriemon. They accompany stories of these people (are used for illustrative purposes) and should not be considered 'portraits'.