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17th October 2002, 15:32
Can anyone tell me about the banning of jujutsu after ww2? Was it just jujutsu, or were all trad arts involved? Is it also true that it was banned just after the Meiji restoration?

Joseph Svinth
24th October 2002, 01:50
SCAP banned "budo," which in Japanese newspeak of the WWII era, included grenade throwing, bayonet fighting, and other things introduced into the public school curriculum for the duration.

This said, the Kodokan got its first known GI member, a hakujin from Sacramento, on October 1, 1945. That was 3 days after MacArthur arrived.

What SCAP realistically did was pull all the funding for martial art training. They also unemployed the martial art teachers in the public schools, and got rid of the mandatory martial art training. If you had a commercial judo club that wasn't burned down and had enough members to keep paying the rent, you were okay. Hence the Kodokan.

MacArthur was invited to the first postwar sumo tournament (November 1945) but declined.

Kendo had other problems, and didn't really resume until the Korean War. However, individuals continued practicing, and there were assorted police clubs throughout the late 1940s.

After Meiji, jujutsu wasn't banned, it just lost its funding. The daimyos spent their money sending their kids out for English or French language lessons rather than jujutsu. Kendo, on the other hand, got a boost in the 1870s when the chief of the Tokyo police decided it would be good training for policemen.

24th October 2002, 05:25
Many thanks as always Joseph