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Prince Loeffler
18th October 2002, 18:05
Hello All !

I recently went shopping with a friend of mine to a martial arts school. He was looking for a Silk belt.

Althought the store did not have one in stock for his size. I told him that they seems to have abundant supplies of cotton belts in stock.

Although my belt is silk ( I think) it was given to me. Now my question is what difference does it make ? Is there a significance ?

It seems to me that silk belts do not last very long, then why are they so expensive ?

Thanks for those responding in advance.

Prince Loeffler

Steven Malanosk
18th October 2002, 19:41
Well..........the silk ones are shinier and look nice to begin with, later to become shreaded quickly, as to give the same appearance at a glance of the cotton one, that I have been wearing on and off, alternating with my other obi's since 1972. ;)

Nice to have, but when your wondering how a really young budoka has such a tattered obi, thats usually the answer. That is unless it was a hand me down from Sensei or Sempai.

Prince Loeffler
20th October 2002, 02:51
Wow..I never really knew that worn out black belts are symbol of longevity. Figures, All this time I thought that my sensei was simply too poor to buy a new one...

Thanks for the info....

Prince Loeffler

Steven Malanosk
20th October 2002, 12:49
Judging from the birth date and occupation on your profile, I detect a tinge of sarcasm in your last reply.......:p

Prince Loeffler
20th October 2002, 15:01
Hi Mr. Malanosk

Yes you are right , my last respond did sound a bit sarcastic..sorry. I meant to say it in humorous fashion. ;)

When I started Martial Art in 1985, this was my first impression of my instructor. The Silk belt never came as a question in my mind, until my friend made such a big fuss about it last week.

Although I had a basic idea regarding the fascination with an old belt. I just didn't seem to understand the reasoning behind them. I guess I prefer my belt intact,not shreded.

After working for a law firm for over 14 years, old clothing was a major no no to this firm. This was the habit I picked from them. I hope is not a bad one :rolleyes:


Prince Loeffler

Steven Malanosk
21st October 2002, 01:02
Hello Mr. Loeffler "Esq.,"

Figured you where making a funny.:D

You see, in some circles, the tattered obi is a sighn of being around, but as has been discussed on previous threads, so many folks either tamper with their obi, or as with the silk ones, wind up with ancient looking belts in no time.

The black belt that I received new, in 72 as a shodan ho, is now quite shreaded, and a treasure to me, but I rotate wearing a few others, as to vary appearance according to mood or occaision. The others save a couple are worn also.

Century MA supply, even sells a stone washed obi, for those who desire the look without the wait..... or training milage...:rolleyes:

All in all, its the training and teaching that counts.

When asked awhile ago, why my teacher wore red suspenders during seminars, I answered of course, "To keep his pants up."